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A criminal offender sentenced to a term of probation must comply with certain terms and conditions. If a situation arises in which the offender violates one of another of these conditions of probation, he is subject to a revocation of probation. Specific steps are required in the revocation of probation. These include complying with certain constitutional rights that a criminal offender maintains even when on probation.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Probation order
Notice of probation violation
Order of probation revocation

Review the terms and conditions of the criminal offender's probation order and identify the conditions that the of

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State Probation Vs. County Probation
Criminal courts on all levels of government--federal, state, county and city--make use of probation as a sentence for criminal offenders. Although there are many similarities in probation at these different levels of government, there are some differences as well. FunctionThe function of both state probation and county probation is to provide a meaningful sentence to a offender with a limited criminal history who is guilty of a more minor crime.
State Probation SentenceA person convicted of a violation of state law qualifies for state probation in some instances. An example of a qualifying state law violation is minor theft.
Supervision State ProbationState provision supervision is
How to Petition to Revoke Probation
An individual in the community may be granted probation by a judge in lieu of a prison term. The defendant must abide by strict probation terms and conditions. Usually, a probation officer will supervise him, assist him in fulfilling his terms and enforce the terms should he fail to comply. If he refuses to follow the probation department directives, the probation officer will file a petition to revoke probation with the courts and make a recommendation which the judge will consider at sentencing. Possible outcomes of petitions to revoke probation include: enhanced probation terms, longer probation terms, jail, or a combination of these. As a last resort, the probationer will be sentenced to
Rules to Revoke Probation
Being on probation is serious business. There are many reasons that you can be on probation, both minor and severe. Because of this, there are also many reasons that you could have your probation revoked. Each state is different, so you will have to check with your local court house or corrections office to get more specific information. However, having your probation revoked is not necessarily a bad thing. If you commit a new crime and end up doing a long enough jail sentence, your probation can be revoked so that you do not end up doing that time as well as probation when you get out. However, here are the top five reasons for having your probation revoked throughout the entire United Stat
Difference Between Probation & Felony Probation
Probation is a sentence often given out to offenders who have either committed felonies or misdemeanors. The terms of probation and the consequences of violating probation differ if the probation is a felony or a misdemeanor case. The length of the probationary period can be up to five years in a felony charge, while a misdemeanor can be from one to three years. Time FrameThe time frame involved in the case of a felony probation period can be longer than that of a misdemeanor probation case. A felony probation period is typically three to five years. It is common to seek a reduction of probation time after about half the period is served. A person on a three-year probation could get a red
Prosecutors seek to revoke BP's Alaska probation (AP) :

AP - Federal prosecutors say BP is a repeat offender of environmental laws on Alaska's North Slope and its probation should be revoked from a 2007 conviction for negligent discharge of oil.
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Prosecutors seek to revoke BP's Alaska probation (AP)

AP - Federal prosecutors are asking a judge to revoke BP's probation from a 2007 conviction for negligent discharge of oil, saying the company is a recidivist offender of environmental laws on Alaska's North Slope.
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From fake probation to real probation
From fake probation to real probation
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Two youths, who claimed they were probationers tasked with soliciting for donations for a charity, are now really serving probation. District Judge Siva Shanmugam sentenced Brian Sie Eng Fa, 20, and Ho Loong Ann, 19, to 18 months' probation on Tuesday. They were also ordered to perform 100 hours of community service.
Sometime at the end of 2012, the duo hatched a plan to obtain fast cash by selling badges for $2 each for St Luke's Elder

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