How to Find a Soldier I've Lost Touch With

Soldiers relocate quite a bit and it can be easy to lose track of
their contact information. Luckily there are vast amounts of ways to
be your own detective. The Internet, government agencies and mutual
friends can all help in your search. Although privacy laws prevent the
military from telling anyone the last known address of their
personnel, there are several good avenues available to help you locate
a soldier.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll
Soldiers name
Branch of service
Date of birth
class="error">Write a LetterWrite a letter to the soldier you are
looking for and place it in a sealed envelope. Be sure to write your
return name and address on th
Upon discharge from any branch of the U.S. Military, a soldier
receives form DD 214, also known as the "separation document." This
form includes, among other information, a soldier's date of
enlistment, highest rank achieved, medals earned, and the reason for,
and place of, the discharge. The DD 214 also includes a soldier's
reenlistment code. These two pieces of information may qualify or
disqualify a soldier from receiving certain benefits after discharge.
A soldier needs form DD 214 to apply for any benefits, such as medical
care at a Veteran's Affair (VA) facility or a home
loan.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll
Form DD 214
Standard Form 180
Culture & Society
Corresponding with friends and family stationed around the country and
overseas helps strengthen a soldier's morale. The classified nature of
military postings can make it difficult to find where loved ones are
stationed. Petitioning the United States Military for a soldier's base
of operations requires providing personal information about the
soldier to prove your relationship. A comprehensive database of email
addresses for service members in all branches of the military does not
exist. Finding an email address requires determining on what base or
ship the soldier is stationed.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions
Gather as much pertinent information about the solider you are
Relationships & Family
Looking for people with whom you've lost touch can be simple. There
are many Web sites that allow you to search for a person's name from a
list and coordinate it with his age. Once you do so, you can easily
access personal details such an address, phone number or other means
of contact information. All you have to do is pay a small fee and
download the information.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Start by using
free search tools. When attempting to reconnect with old friends
online, you should attempt to reconnect for free first. Use such Web
sites as Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter, using the person's name or
some variation of her name. Often this will produce a hit and you can
contact her di
"Friends come in and out of your life like busboys in a restaurant,"
wrote Stephen King in his novella, "The Body." With busier jobs and an
all-around faster pace of life, it is possible to lose contact with
even the best of friends. Luckily, it is possible to reunite or at
least get back into communication with people who have moved far away
or with whom you've simply lost touch. This is particularly true in
today's society of social networking sites, personal websites and
blogs.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll
Internet access

Contact the
individual's university. While individuals sometimes travel around the
world, major com

Relationships & Family
Sometimes you find that a military member has been stationed in a
different location and that you no longer have the proper address for
him. If this is the case and you need to locate a member of the
military, do not get discouraged. There are methods to finding friends
and family in the military even if someone is stationed halfway around
the world. It might take you up to four weeks to locate someone,
according to the U.S. Department of Defense, but once you have the
right address you can contact him as
needed.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Locate all the information
that you have on the military person you wish to contact. It is useful
to have the person's first, middle and last name.
Relationships & Family
Whether you have moved to a different town -- or you have simply lost
touch with former classmates, friends, coworkers or family members --
today it's possible to look for them, thanks to the Internet. Various
web services charge a fee to help you look for people you want to
reconnect with: However, if you want to accomplish this for free, you
can use web services such as, and EasyInstructions
AnyWho.comBrowse to the AnyWho website. AnyWho uses the Intelius, Inc.
database to look for people. This free service enables you to look
for people by name, address or by phone number -- depending on the
information you provide.
Relationships & Family
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