How to Mentally Entice a Man

A man's biggest sex organ isn't what he thinks it is. Instead, it's his brain. If his brain is attracted to you, his thoughts cannot but follow, because a man's mind does what his brain tells him to do. To mentally entice a man is, therefore, to bypass his thinking mind and appeal to his primitive brain.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
Brightly colored clothes with strong patterns
One outrageous accessory
Funny stories about you and a former boyfriend
An excuse
A male or female friend

InstructionsMake a strong visual impression on your man's brain by dressing confidently in bright colors and patterns. Leave the mou

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How to Entice a Prospective Employer
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When conducting a job search, it's easy to feel like you have a lack of control over your destiny. The employers ask all the questions and decide whether you even get a chance to interview. However, with a little knowledge of what every employer is looking for, you can take control of the situation.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Add a cliff-hanger to your resume. Everyone knows a good story is more enticing when there is a cliff-hanger. That's what makes you wait through the commercials to watch the rest of the movie. You can add this sort of intrigue to your resume to entice a prospective employer to want to speak with you. Without leaving out pertinent information, you can word a job descr
How to Entice Hummingbirds
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Hummingbirds are beautiful and wondrous creatures. The smallest birds known, they get their name from the humming sound produced by their wings, as they beat the air faster than the human eye can see. There are many species of hummingbird in North America, and they can be attracted to suburban gardens and backyards with little effort. Hummingbirds feed on the nectar of both wild and garden flowers. By planting certain types of flowers or installing a hummingbird feeder, these unique birds can be enticed to visit your garden.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Hummingbird-friendly flowering plants
Watering can
Hummingbird feeder
How to Entice a Cat to Eat
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Cats can be quite picky eaters. As a caring cat owner, at times, you may find yourself wondering why your cat suddenly no longer likes its food. While it is best to have your veterinarian rule out first any health problems, there are options you have at home to convince your finicky cat that food can be interesting again.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Fish or chicken
Chicken broth
Tuna or sardines

Try to make your kitchen smell great. You can accomplish this by boiling some fish or chicken and making your kitchen become saturated with these lip-smacking smells. Watch your cat sniff the air and get hungry. Of course, you may

Good Way to Entice Forum Use?
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Good Way to Entice Forum Use?
We are trying to implement ways to get our customers to use our help forums more - what are some good strategies to do this? Incentives?
Thank you!

Will Money entice the Experts?
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You can view my previous post at:
Please supply quote
Pricing something at 9.90 will entice you to buy it more?
Relationships & Family
Pricing something at 9.90 will entice you to buy it more?
As opposed to 10 dollars.. ? This has been going on for years and ppl still get tricked

How to entice people to actually register?
Relationships & Family

Is there a short form they can fill out? Like put it on the main page. They select a username/password and put in their email address then bam they are registered?

Where can I find something like this,

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