The Best Tung Oil for Oak Refinishing

Tung oil has been used for centuries as a finish for wood and for many other purposes.The Chinese used tung oil to waterproof masts and sails for their junks. The U.S. military used tung oil to coat military parts during World War II. In addition to being water resistant, tung oil resists many alkalis and acids as well. Tung oil remains flexible over time and accommodates the continuous expansion and contraction of wood surfaces. It also maintains its color while other oils like linseed oil darken over time. Pure Polymerized Tung OilPure polymerized tung oil is the best kind for oak refinishing. Wod looses moisture over time; oils are used to restore wood to its natural appearance. As t

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How to Apply Tung Oil on Oak Floors
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Modern oak floors are generally treated with a hard polyurethane coat that sits on top of the floor like a sheet of glass. If you want to try a more natural, old-fashioned and environmentally friendly approach, you can try tung oil, which has been used for centuries to seal floors, with a completely different approach. Tung oil soaks into the wood instead of sitting on top of it. The idea is to totally saturate the wood pores. This takes time and patience, but the end result is a floor that looks like wood, not glass, yet is moisture-resistant.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
TSP (trisodium phosphate)
Scrub brush
Vibrating sander with 100-gr
How to Apply a Tung-Oil Topcoat Over an Oil-Based Wood Stain
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The Chinese have used tung oil, which comes from the seeds of the native tung tree, for centuries to protect their hardwoods from the elements. Tung oil hardens quickly and effectively seals wood and wood stains from water and scratches. Pure tung oil has a thick consistency and can be difficult for beginners to apply, while tung-oil finishes have thinning solvents added to make them easier to work with.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Plastic sheeting
Dusting cloth
Rubber gloves
Respirator face mask
Stain applicator pad
Lint-free staining cloths
Soft polishing cloth

Prepare the work area by placing plastic sheeting beneath th

Which Is Better on Red Oak: Tung Oil or Teak Oil?
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Woodworkers and those who appreciate the inherent beauty of wood furnishings and décor know that in order to keep wood looking healthy, some form of protection needs to be applied to untreated wood. Two of these choices are tung and teak oil, each plant-derived and each with their pros and cons. Applying the oil on red oak depends on several factors. Tung vs. TeakTung oil is derived from the nuts of Chinese tung saplings; similarly, teak oil is derived from young teak trees found in abundance throughout the jungles of Southeastern Asia. Teak is listed as an endangered plant species, so finding actual teak is difficult, and pure teak is expensive. Generally speaking, refined tung oil
Refinishing Using Tung Oil
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Tung oil is a waterproof sealant that originates from the seeds of the tung tree. It is a thick yellow oil in its original form. The most common form of tung oil you will find in your home remodeling center has been diluted with solvents. The solvents make tung oil easier to use for novices in refinishing furniture. Tung oil will provide a beautiful strong finish that can last a lifetime when properly maintained.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Chemical resistant rubber gloves
Drop cloths
Stain stripper
Plastic scraper
Paint thinner
100-grit sandpaper
150-grit sandpaper
Stir stick
Stain brush
Tung oil
How to Refinish Oak Furniture With Tung Oil
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Oak is a naturally grainy wood with a lot of color variation. You can choose to hide some of the wood grain with stains and bleaching techniques, or if you love the look of oak's distinctive wood grain, you can leave it unstained and unaltered. Leaving the oak in its natural state does not mean that you can leave it completely unprotected. Unprotected wood will absorb water, which will cause warping. Untreated wood also stains more easily. A few layers on tung oil will protect the wood while allowing its natural beauty to shine through.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Chemical paint stripper
Paint scraper
Dish washing soap
How to Use Both Mineral Oil & Tung Oil on a Butcher Block
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Butcher blocks are usually made of pieces of maple or another hardwood pressed together to form a slab. The thick, hard surface of a butcher block is ideal for cutting, although modern kitchens commonly use butcher blocks for aesthetic purposes rather than practical. Butcher blocks should be regularly treated with mineral oil or Tung oil to maintain their look and to prevent warping and cracking. Varnishes and other such finishes should not be used on butcher blocks because cutting these finishes can cause moisture to sit beneath the finish and against the natural wood.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Dish soap
Clean sponges or rags
220 grit sandpaper
Tung Oil Refinishing Techniques
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Tung oil is an age-old alternative to varnishes and glosses and gives shine and protection to floors, trim and other wood surfaces. Unlike modern protective glosses, tung oil works not by sitting on top of the surface, but by soaking into it, like stain. The surface is softer and more easily damaged than polyurethane, but it's also easier to repair--you just put on more tung oil. Tung oil also provides a subtle, natural shine to wood. Strip the Old FinishIf varnish, lacquer or another finish is already on the wood, it has to come off before you apply the tung oil or it won't be able to penetrate the wood. Use a chemical stripper, applying it as directed with a brush, allowing it to soften

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