Directions for Making Lanyards

Making lanyards is a standard craft taught at summer camp. Lanyards are easy to make and make ideal stocking stuffer type of gifts. They can be used to hold a key ring, cell phone, whistle or most any small object. These days, clips which dangle from a belt loop on jeans is a popular accessory. In making your own lanyards, you can make them to color-coordinate with your wardrobe or make them in colors you simply like, or perhaps make them in your school's spirit colors. Making a LanyardStart with two strands of plastic, craft lace, such as rexlace. Fold them half, together. Make sure each piece is the same length---the actual length depending on how long you wish to make your lanyard. Tie

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Directions for Making Beaded Lanyards
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Lanyards hold identification, badges and other information that must be readily accessible. Lanyards are often necessary elements to a modern lifestyle, so make them as stylish as possible. Beaded lanyards add color and personal design to an otherwise boring accessory. Make beaded lanyards with glass, wood, ceramic or plastic beads to match a particular wardrobe item or to coordinate with your entire wardrobe. Beads, beading material and lanyard supplies are available at craft and discount stores.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Beading wire
Wire cutters
Lanyard clip
Alligator clip
Crimp bead
Crimping pliers

Cut a s

Directions for Making a Maypole
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During the month of May, many people celebrate the May Day festival, which is symbolized in the weaving of a maypole. This traditional event is meant to celebrate spring, and colorful ribbons are weaved around a central pole. If you are planning to celebrate May Day, you can make your own maypole in honor of this occasion. Once the pole is complete, you can gather your friends and family to watch the weaving of the maypole.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
10-foot pole
2-inch-wide ribbon

Cut six 2-inch-wide ribbons to measure 12 feet long. Choose multiple colors of ribbons.
Nail the ends of t

Making Lanyards
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Lanyards serve many purposes, from jewelry to water bottle holders to decorations for key chains and zipper pulls. You can make them from gimp---flat plastic ribbon that comes in many colors---cotton crochet cord or hemp twine. No matter your preference, lanyards always have visually interesting patterns. One simple pattern works for beginners and looks attractive enough for more advanced students to make, too.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need

Cut a length of cord about four times as long as you want your finished product to be. For instance, if making a 10 inch long necklace, cut a piece of cord 40 inches long.
Fold the cord

Instruction for Making Beaded Lanyards
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Lanyards are long lengths of decorative string worn around the neck, frequently used to hold keys, ID badges and similar items. Beading lanyards is an easy and engaging way for children and adults to personalize their lanyards to match their own styles. Beaded lanyards can also be used to keep or display charms and beads that hold sentimental value, and they make great party favors and small gifts for friends and family.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
24-inch jewelry string
Key chain ring
Bead stopper or alligator clip

Fold your string in half and hold the loose ends together with your fingers. Slip the looped end of the string thro

Directions for Lanyards
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Lanyards can be entertaining projects for kids while at home or away at camp. They make nice gifts for adults who can use them as key chains, bracelets or necklaces. Lanyards are usually made with a diamond stitch out of soft string or pieces of leather. They can be any color or variety of colors and the length of the lanyard varies depending on the purpose of the lanyard.
Instructions for Making Beaded Badge Holders and Lanyards
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The term lanyard refers to a rope, string or cord used to hold or carry something. Sailors used them in the 1600s to tie down items on a ship; military men wore them around their waists in the 1800s to carry knives and other weapons; and many professionals wear them today to hold name badges or keys for easy access. Standard lanyards and badge holders are inexpensive but tend to be rather plain. If you would prefer something a little more fashionable, consider making one yourself.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Craft lace or stretchy wire
Two crimp beads
Lobster clasp
Jump ring
Assortment of decorative beads
Badge holder or lanyard clip
Making Rope Lanyards
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Rope lanyards are commonly used to carry things. They are also resourceful ways to express your creativity. Oftentimes, rope lanyards are worn around your neck or wrist, or you can tie items to the bottom of a lanyard and use it as a carrying device. Keys, identification cards, cameras and cell phones are regularly carried on rope lanyards.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Choose a thin rope for your lanyard. Thick ropes are too bulky to create smooth, even lanyards. Opt for a fine gauge rope instead.
Cut two even pieces of rope. The length of the rope depends on how long you would like your lanyard to be. As a general rule, every foot of thin rope will create about an inch of lan

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