Instructions for Making Size A6 Envelopes

A size A6 envelope is one of the most common envelope sizes. It is a plain, ordinary, everyday 4 3/4-inch x 6 1/2-inch envelope designed for everyday purposes. When you are tired of the ordinary and want some postage with pizazz, try making your own envelopes for every occasion. Amaze your friends and colleagues with creative and unique handmade envelopes. MaterialsArm yourself with the basic supplies. A ruler, scissors, glue stick, some spray adhesive, scoring instrument, and an envelope template provide the starting point. Then look around and see how creative you can get with materials. Basic colored card stock or scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, pages from a favorite magazine, even

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Ideas for Making Scrapbooks Out of Envelopes
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As a scrapbook enthusiast, you have probably accumulated a lot of supplies, scrap papers and small unused embellishments. Put these spare supplies to use with the help of a few envelopes to create your own mini envelope scrapbook album. This small album will be a charming addition to your inventory and will help you recycle your miniature scrap supplies, rather than letting them go to waste. Envelope BookUse wide envelopes that you have received from cards in the past to make an envelope scrapbook as featured on the Making Mini Scrapbook site. Cut out a variety of patterned paper from the same theme or color combination. The size of the paper should match perfectly with the size of your e
Making Envelopes in Microsoft Word
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Setting up envelopes in Microsoft Word can be quite useful and time-saving whether you've got thank-you notes, party invitations or resumes to send. Set up your return address ahead of time, then create envelope data to print out or save for later use. This is most helpful when creating individual envelopes. If you need to do a mass mailing, the steps involve a mail merge and are bit more complicated (see Resources).Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Open Microsoft Word.
Set up your return address by clicking the "Microsoft Office Button" (in Word 2007) then "Word Options." Choose the "Advanced" tab and scroll down to "General." In the "Mailing Address" box, type your full return a
Directions for Making Envelopes
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Homemade stationery gives you the ability to present sentimental notes, greetings and gifts with creativity. For example, when you make your own envelopes, you can choose a wide range of materials for making them suit an array of occasions. Knowing how to make your own homemade envelopes gives you the ability to present your creative abilities in a new way.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need

Select a sheet of paper. A sheet of printer paper is suitable, but you can use construction paper, parchment paper and virtually any other type that folds with ease. If you're into eco-friendly crafts, you can use discarded wrapping paper or other ty

Making Your Own Envelopes for Invitations
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When you are making yoru own handmade invitations for an upcoming party or celebratory event, they might look like regular commercially-produced invitations if you use store-bought envelopes. One solution is to make your own envelopes out of thin card stock to put the invitations into. Although it may seem like making envelopes is a difficult endeavor, it can actually be accomplished with minimal skill and effort. Once finished, your envelopes will be the perfect accompaniment to your creative invitations.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Decorative paper
Invitation envelope
Craft glue
Decorative sticker


Making Envelopes for Homemade Cards
Hobbies, Games & Toys
Homemade cards allow you to show someone special just how much you care and to add your personal humor or artistic skills to any gift or occasion. Once you've made your own card, you can easily make a homemade envelope to match out of any piece of large, thick piece of paper and a few craft materials. This technique can be used for any size envelope, whether you're sending letters, cards, or other square or rectangular messages by mail.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Large, thick paper
Glue stick
Homemade card

Orient a square or rectangular sheet of thick paper diagonally relative to you so that the corners of the

How to Make Mini Envelopes for Card Making
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Handmade mini envelopes are a nice touch for scrapbooking and mini cards. Write a mini note or cut out simple shapes, such as a heart, to insert in the envelope. Use pretty paper, recycled from gift-wrapping; unusual paper, such as grocery bags; or plain paper you embellish with cutouts or drawings.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Used square envelope

Unfold a square-shaped used regular or mini envelope (from junk mail or a card). Use a knife to separate the glued flaps at the bottom. This sample will help you envision how the paper will be cut and where folds should be made for your mini envelope. Whatever siz

Folding Instructions for CD Envelopes
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If you find yourself without a case for a CD, try folding your own CD envelope from a piece of paper. CD envelopes are perfect for saving space on your CD rack and are much cheaper than regular CD cases. You don't have to be an origami expert to fold a CD envelope. The process takes only a few minutes and provides a safe haven for your CD. SuppliesCreate a CD envelope with a piece of letter sized paper. Letter size paper is 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Printer paper, magazine pages, stationary and custom paper cut to size all are viable options. If cutting paper, you'll need scissors as well. Print designs on your paper by using any graphics program, including Microsoft Office and Open Office

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