How to Do Your Own Chaldean Numerology Chart

Most people are familiar with numerology as a predictive tool similar to astrology but using numbers instead of stars and planets. The Chaldean system is an obscure but older method of evaluating a person's birth date and name "vibrations." It was in use long before the more commonly recognized Pythagorean system, having originated sometime between the eighth and seventh centuries, B.C., in ancient Babylonia. Here is how to do your own Chaldean numerology chart.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Chaldean number chart
Interpretation website for Chaldean chart

Doing your Chaldean ChartWrite down the name you go by on th

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How to Do Numerology
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Numerology takes the premise that you can break down your own personality based on simple numbers in your life. Once you discover those numbers, you can look up what those numbers mean and learn more about yourself or another person based on these findings. Unlike fortune telling, numerology doesn't aim to predict. Do a numerology reading and find out how fascinating it really is.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Visit a numerology website or purchase a book on numerology. Learn your basic number combinations and how to get your own readings.
Provide your birth date and break this number down to it's basic form. For example, January 30,1954 would break down as follows: Janu
How to Do Numerology for Your Name
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Although you may consider your name just a moniker with which to identify yourself, practitioners of numerology believe that there's hidden power and meaning in a name. Numerology has been practiced for thousands of years in many societies to allow people to delve more deeply into the meaning and attributes of names, birth dates and other personal data. Following a few simple steps will allow you to determine the number assigned to your name, and explore the meaning associated with it.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Numerology book
Numerology website

Write the numbers 1 through 9 on a piece of paper horizontally. Starting with "A," write one al

How to Find a Numerology Chart
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Numerology is a controversial, yet popular, practice that uses numerical values to find meaning in names and events, and even predict the future. These predictions are based on charts that provide the raw data for numerological interpretation. You can obtain these charts, which can be difficult to compute and interpret, from a number of different sources.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Hire a numerologist to create your chart. Recruiting a professional is by far the most direct and reliable method for acquiring your numerology chart. If you do not live in an area where you have physical access to a qualified numerologist, you can locate one who will do the work remotely, either by
How to Make a Numerology Chart
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Important insights about your "inner you" can increase your self-awareness, and awareness gives you more choices in life than you have otherwise. Using only your date of birth, your given name and simple materials, you can make a basic Pythagorean Numerology Chart. Four important numbers, according to numerology, prepare you to learn about your path through life, where to seek true fulfillment and what impression your hopes and fears leave on people you meet every day.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Calculator (optional)

PreparationA three-by-three arrangement clarifies the numerology alphabet.Jupiterimages/ ImagesDraw a

MS Chart with ASP.NET chart type “column” not showing axis x label if there are more than 9 bar in the chart
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I'm having problem with MS Chart chart type column. If there are only 9 bar in the chart like the following picture, then the axis-x label show up properly.

However, there are more than 9 bars bar the chart, the axis-x label wont show up properly, some of them just dissappear.

Here's my mark-up for the chart:

<asp:Chart ID="chtNBAChampionships" runat="server">
<asp:Series Name="Championships" YValueType="Int32" Palette="Berry" ChartType="Column" ChartArea="MainChartArea" IsValueShownAsLabel="true">
How to create combined chart with dual bar chart and line chart using aChart Engine?
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I am doing chart application using achart engine in android. I can created bar chart , Line chart , Dual line chart and Combined Chart with single bar chart with line chart . Now i want to create combined chart with dual bar chart and line chart like this....

And tried it . I can't able to create combined chart.
I think i got an error because of this line.

String[] types = new String[] {BarChart.TYPE,LineChart.TYPE};

How can i change this? Can any body help me to resolve this problem. Thanks in advance.

Google Chart Tools doesn't draw chart / failed drawing chart
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I want to draw a stock chart using Google Chart Tools. My self-written webservice returns a JSON-object with stock quotes. The JSON data is read by JQuery using $.getJSON(). Using console log I was able to check, that the data is read in in a correct way.

The JSON data looks like:

{ "share": [
{ "date": "2012-01-30", "open": 72.38, "close": 73.13 },
{ "date": "2012-01-23", "open": 77.71, "close": 72.80 },
{ "date": "2012-01-16", "open": 75.25, "close": 78.05 }

For drawing I'm using the following code snippet:

<script src="

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