WWE Raw PC Game Unlockables

WWE Raw is a video game based on the World Wrestling Entertainment
franchise. This game was released in 2002 for the Xbox and PC. This
game allowed players to interact within the elements that makeup
sports entertainment. An interesting fact about this game is that it
is the last release before WWE was forced to change it's name from the
long-used WWF label. Many secret additions can be unlocked while
playing through the challenges. UnlockablesWWE Raw has a long list
of unlockables that become available after completing certain steps in
the game. These unlockables range from new characters to weapons to
use during matches
Winning all of the championship belts during
story mode unlock
"Avatar: The Game" is based on the movie, so it deals with a race of
large blue humanoids from another planet called Pandora. If you want
to get unlockables like trophies while in the game's multiplayer mode
on PlayStation 3, you can do so by completing objectives that are
specific to each trophy.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Kill
10 people in a row without dying, to get the unlockable trophy called
A God is Upon Us.
Achieve five victories in King of the Hill, to
get the unlockable trophy called Central Focus.
Win a Capture the
Flag game 3-0, to get the unlockable trophy called Flawless
Finish 150 multiplayer games, win or lose, to get the
trophy called Bring On
"WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011" was released for a variety of systems in
2010. Featuring more than 50 wrestlers from the 2009/2010 WWE roster,
"SmackDown vs. Raw 2011" also features many of the same match types as
seen on television. Available for both one and two players, you can
compete in ladder matches, steel cage matches and inferno matches.
However, if you want to challenge a friend to a simple one-on-one
exhibition match, that is possible as well.Difficulty:EasyInstructions
Load the game and press "Start."
Select "Play Now."
"One on One."
Select "Normal Match."
Select a wrestler for each
Select "Play." The match will begin.
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"Smackdown! Vs. Raw 2010" is a video game for the PlayStation Portable
video game system (PSP), and is based on the World Wrestling
Entertainment (WWE) franchise. "Smackdown! Vs. Raw 2010" was released
on October 20, 2009 and was published by THQ. The games features the
likenesses of many WWE wrestlers, including their signature moves, and
contains gameplay modes such as Story Designer and Create-A-Superstar.
By completing specific goals throughout the course of the story mode,
you can unlock rewards such as alternate costumes and hidden
characters. Cheat Code UnlockablesSome unlockables can be attained
by entering a password. Go to "Options" on the main menu, then choose
the "Cheat Codes
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"WWE Raw" contains a few secrets for the player to uncover once
certain in-game tasks are completed. As long as the player knows what
these tasks are, the secrets are simple to unlock. PropsAttack
wrestlers during their entrance until they drop a certain prop. The
prop is then unlocked for the wrestler customization mode. Some of the
items are the glasses (or sunglasses) of Bubba Ray Dudley, Christian,
D-Von Dudley, Spike Dudley, Tazz, Edge, and the Undertaker. This will
also work with Triple H's water bottle, Perry Saturn's mop, X-Pac's
bandanna, Fred Durst's hat, and Crash Holly's hat.
Kurt Angle's
MedalsHit Angle until his medals fall off. Grab the medals and hit
Angle with them at
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In "WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2006," players can use cheat codes to unlock
items, access hidden superstars and defeat special modes. The actual
game features no codes or cheat menus, but you can use third-party
software, such as Action Replay and Game Shark, to enter codes and
adjust the game play. Insert the cheat disc into the PS2 and load the
"WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2006" game to enter codes. Game Shark Master
CodeEnter "980B860C 78D09A1E" into the "Master Code" section under the
game listing on your Game Shark. Using a USB keyboard will make the
entry a lot faster on the PS2.
GS WWE Shop UnlockedUnlock
everything in the WWE Shop and make it free by typing in "285E58D8
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WWE Raw 2 is a professional wrestling video game based on World
Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). WWE Raw 2 was released for the Xbox in
2003. There are a number of interesting cheats available for this
game to enhance gameplay. Easy WinsIn order to win in season mode
easily, do a move with any wrestler followed by a submission move.
Then, return to the main menu by pressing Start and Quit. You will
win every time.In order to win cage matches easily, grapple your
opponent. Then press Black while holding a direction on the D-pad to
smash your opponent's head into the cage.
Gameplay FeaturesYou are
able to use momentum by way of a chair. To achieve this, have a "set
up" chair present
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I just watch 9/9/13 wwe Raw...
interesting... since i haven't watch it for a long long time... />Triple H and Stephanie McMahon both top badass now... Together with
randy orton..
and mind control puppet Big show...
Vs />Hottest fan favorite daniel brian.... :s22::s22::s22::s22:
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