How to Plan a Church Marriage Retreat

Couples deserve to withdraw from the daily grind in an atmosphere conducive to biblical growth, love and intimacy. A successful church marriage retreat takes proper planning, a trusted team, and the goal of building strong, solid marriages for the many couples who will be attending.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Full service hotel, retreat center, or bed and breakfast

Secure a facility that will properly accommodate the retreat. Make sure there is a conference room large enough for your participants, speakers and entertainment. Be sure there is ample room for refreshments and tables for materials participants can purchase or take home. Couple

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How To Plan a Christain Marriage Retreat
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Many churches and other Christian organizations hold marriage retreats as a way for couples to get away for a weekend and work on strengthening their marriage. The goal of the retreat is to equip couples to have a more Godly, loving and healthy marriage. Organizing a marriage retreat requires planning and attention to detail, but even people who have never organized a retreat before can plan a successful Christian marriage retreat.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Select a date on which to hold the retreat. Most marriage retreats last at least 24 hours and have one overnight stay, although some even take the whole weekend and include two nights. When picking the date for the marriage retrea
How to Plan a Christian Marriage Retreat
Relationships & Family
Christian marriage retreats are held by Christian organizations for their constituents. They are designed to help build up the strength of a marriage and to reinforce the Christian values in the marriage. Planning a Christian marriage retreat requires a venue to hold it in, a theme, transportation, food, cost and creating a schedule for speakers. Each aspect should help reinforce Christian values.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Calculate the cost of the retreat. This should include venue rental, transportation, food and the wages of all of the retreat employees. Try to find employees from the church who will do it cheaply or for free. Use the total cost of the retreat to cal
Tips to Plan a Marriage Retreat
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Marriage retreats aim to revive and restore the relationships of marriage couples through bonding activities, personal and group counseling sessions and tips on dealing with common marital pitfalls. Planning a retreat takes time, creativity and knowledge of the infrastructure of marriage to ensure that you address a range of issues that may be affecting your attendees. Choose the Location WiselyThe idea behind a marriage retreat is to bring couples closer together. However, if your retreat is located in a bustling metropolis or a spa with numerous activities and amenities, it might be hard to keep the attention of your attendees. Choose a simple location that doesn't have as many existing
How to Plan a Church Retreat
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Planning a retreat requires ample time, an adequate number of planners and a good quantity of creative juices. Fundraising and ticket sales can help fund the church retreat. Parishioners who want to help can aid in the planning. With careful planning a successful church retreat is possible.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Planning a Church RetreatPut together a planning committee to make the process of planning the retreat easier. This is not a task that should be undertaken by just one person.
Discuss the logistics: the who, the what, the where, the why and the when. Decide who will be included in the group going on retreat, where it will be held, what the focus of the re
How to Plan a Marriage Retreat in Nashville
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A marriage is a sacred union that requires attention and care. It is common for issues to arise and conflicts to take place. Many couples find that communication and giving special attention to their marriage helps smooth out any differences. One way to do so is to embark on a marriage retreat. Marriage retreats involve traveling to a vacation destination and working with a therapist to strengthen the relationship. Nashville, TN, with its scenic beauty and slow country atmosphere, may be an ideal destination for a marriage retreat. With a little research, you can plan your own marriage retreat to Nashville, TN.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Travel accommodations
How to Plan a Church Day Retreat
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Planning a church day retreat is a huge project. A successful event requires many people working together in harmony. A day retreat provides the church members the opportunity to grow together as a family, to relax by getting away from everything and to focus on God and enjoy His creation. The key to planning a great church day retreat is organization.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Form a church events committee to plan the church day retreat and other events. The committee should include a leader from the children's and youth ministry, as well as leaders from the various adult ministries. The goal of the committee is to work together to come up with something everyone in t
How to Plan a Marriage Retreat
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Social anthropologists regularly tackle this question: Are humans wired for monogamy? High divorce rates fuel the debate, and the number of people choosing single lives is climbing. That stated, great marriages continue to be an enviable goal, despite the strain put on such relationships in the modern world. That's why counseling, marriage retreats and couple-intensive therapies have become popular ways of tuning up marriages. Like most activities, the devil is in the details, so apply due diligence when you plan your retreat and look forward to the gratitude of the couples you help.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Brochure or flyer
Secluded location

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