DIY Wall Mounted CD Storage

Listening to music is an enjoyable pastime for most people. Regardless
of the type of music you listen to, keeping your collection organized
is important. There is nothing more frustrating than searching for the
perfect CD only to realize you don't remember where you put it or it
has been damaged because it was not in the case. To keep your
collection safe and easily within reach, consider making wall-mounted
CD storage. Materials and ToolsDecide how much wood you need by
first taking inventory of your collection. Account for future
purchases and how you plan to store the CDs. For example, if you
display them alphabetically, you can line them up all together on the
same shelf. If you plan
A folding wall-mounted chair is an interesting and simple way to add
seating to a room, however rudimentary it may be. This type of seating
is ideal for children and youth areas, as the chairs may not be
suitable for heavier adults. The basic design of the chair allows for
many chairs to be quickly and easily installed along a wall. Hinges
allow the chair to fold up and keeps it out of the
way.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll
Stud finder
Carpenter's level
Tape measure
2 boards,
Wood drill bits
4-inch wood
3 heavy-duty door hinges
1-inch wood screws
2-inch wood screws
Home & Garden
Wall-mount bathroom faucets are ideal for tight bathrooms with small
counters, and they coordinate nicely with vessel sinks. A vessel sink
is a free-standing sink that rests on the counter top and in some
cases is partially sunk into the counter. It is necessary to have a
wall-mount faucet with a vessel sink, since there is little room on
the counter top. You can install a vessel sink yourself with a few
tools.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll
Wall-mount faucet
Phillips-head screwdriver

Check that the
supply lines are located in the wall. If they are not in the wall and
are under the sink, then they

Home & Garden
Today it is common to see artwork, doors, panels, pieces of wood,
fencing, gates, fabric, drapes, photographs and almost any imagined
material converted to decor as a wall-mounted headboard. This is a
transition from headboard as furniture in a bedroom set to headboard
as decorative art creating a focal point of the
bed.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll
Tape measure
Removable hooks
and loop tape
Cleat system

Select a theme for
your bedroom. If you selected a rustic theme you might find an old
door, gate, planks or bit of iron work. You might go further and
decide you want natural branches or plant mater

Home & Garden
If you are tight for space in your home and do not have a designated
room for an office, consider mounting a desk to the wall. This is a
space-saving choice that will allow you to perform your work tasks in
your kitchen, living room, or bedroom area while being compact enough
to continue an easy flow throughout the space. A wall-mounted desk
can perform all the tasks of a regular standing desk and has proven to
be as reliable.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll
One 24-inch by 48-inch section of plywood
Two 1-inch by
24-inch sections of plywood
Two 2-inch by 18-inch sections of
One 24-inch by 18-inch section of
Home & Garden
Counter space is valuable. A length of counter is like an additional
table in a room. If the area under the counter is open, then you can
pull up a chair or bar stool and use the counter for an office, for
breakfast or as an art center. A counter can be mounted to a wall or
to the side of a cabinet to create usable space inexpensively and
quickly. It is a good idea to match your new counter with the colors
and style of the room where you are placing
it.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Stud finder
Long screws; exact length depends on the
Material for counter

Home & Garden

Storage space is important and necessary. One way to gain maximum
storage space in a room is to build wall-mounted storage units. These
come in different forms and are sometimes called book shelves or wall
shelving. Whatever the label, the extra storage space gained by
wall-mounted cabinets or shelves won't take up floor space that can be
used for other things.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll
Two pieces of 12-by-24-by-¾-inch plywood
Three pieces of 12-by-96-by-¾-inch plywood
Variable speed drill
Philips head screw tip
drywall screws
Three pieces of 2-by-96-by-¾-inch

Home & Garden
Fishing rods are reasonably fragile tools when it comes to storage, as
the rods are usually very light and must be kept as straight as
possible so that they are effective when being used to cast and reel.
Piling them in a corner will put unnecessary pressure and tension on
the ends of the rod itself, ultimately bending them or cracking their
shafts. While fishing rod racks can be bought at sporting goods
stores, they can easily be made with limited supplies and construction
knowledge. Building the BaseA strong base is necessary for any good
fishing rod rack, especially when it is holding a number of fishing
rods. Since this rack will be set in the floor, it is important to
keep it from be
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