How to Help a Friend Who Lost a Baby

Each person who has lost a baby reacts differently, and each person
finds their own way to grieve. According to, it is
impossible to gauge how a loved one will react to losing a child. The
simplest and most basic thing you can do is be present and listen.
Make yourself available and be sensitive to what your loved one is
going through.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Let them know you
are there. Call your friend and offer condolences. Let her know you
are there for her if she needs anything. Leave a message, send flowers
or a card if she doesn't answer or wants to be alone to grieve. Even
if your friend doesn't reach out to you right away, she will know you
are there if s
There is evidence that celebrating the birth of a baby goes all the
way back to the time of the Egyptian and Roman empires. However, the
modern version of the baby shower emerged after World War II in the
midst of the Baby Boom. Traditionally, these celebrations were
attended only by women, but today's baby showers are often attended by
all family members and close friends--both male and female. If you are
in charge of throwing a baby shower, like any party, if you start
planning early and use some common sense, you'll increase the chances
of having a successful, memorable celebration.Difficulty:Moderately
EasyInstructions Consult with the mother-to-be. It is important to
ask her what dat
Parties & Entertaining
Agreeing to adopt a friend's baby is a wonderful act of love and
self-giving. If you find yourself in this situation, there are a few
steps you will need to know to complete the process. It will take
time, patience, and money, but it's worth the sacrifice. The joy you
will bring the baby--and your friend--is
priceless!Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Discuss the
details of the arrangement with your friend. There are many issues to
consider, and it is helpful to have some kind of plan before you begin
the official process. There are many questions that need to be
answered. Who will pay for the process? How often will the child be
allowed to see your friend, the birth mother? A
The most exciting time in a woman's life is when she is having a baby.
Join in your best friend's excitement and celebrate with these great
gift ideas. PracticalBuying a gift that is practical is a sensible
way to go. A mother can not have too many diapers so buying a supply
of newborn diapers is a practical gift any mother can
ExpensiveBabies are expensive! Babies need a lot of
gear so picking a big ticket item is a wonderful gesture for your best
friend. Make sure it is something she really needs. If the mother
has a baby registry, buying the crib or stroller she has registered
for is a great idea. You can also arrange to split the cost with
other friends.
Relationships & Family
[LOST] Friend's dad lost in MRT
He came
back home already!
Food & Drink
i pao $80 For my friend baby shower....
it too low?:(
Food & Drink
My friend ask me like his baby on FB...
his baby not cute ar?
Food & Drink
shld my friend keep her second baby
Alr got
one daughter, 3 yrs old.
Now planning for divorce coz hubby
abused her.
Then discovered pregnant.
Shld my friend keep or
abort the second child.
Food & Drink

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