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Numbers in legal documents shouldn't be open to interpretation.
Cursive numbers and written words can often be confused with similar
numbers and words (for example, 1 and 7). It's for this reason that
traditional rules of writing were developed over the years for legal
documents. Robert Cummins, J.D., an Instructor of Legal Studies at
Southern College and author of the book, Legal Document Preparation,
states that in general, numbers should be written out in both words
and numerals.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Write out the
number in words, followed by its numeric equivalent in parentheses.
For example, $235.25 is written Two Hundred and Thirty Five Dollars
and Twenty Five Cents
Legal documents need to be so precise that there is no margin for
misinterpretation. Those that involve the transfer of money, such as
the sale of stock or real estate, must have the dollar amounts listed
in such a way that no challenge can be made to void the contract. The
legal profession has standardized the way to write out dollars and
cents in legal documents, and some states also have passed laws
dictating how it should be done.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Write
amounts of less than one dollar with the ordinal number and the
spelled number plus the word "cents." For example, a legal document
would specify the amount of 39 cents as 39 cents (thirty-nine cents).
The symbol for cents is
Legal documents must be written with precision. According to an
article in, a simple grammatical error in the
placement of a comma could end up costing millions. If you are hired
to write a legal document, your client expects that every detail, even
something as seemingly simple as a comma, will be exact. While it may
seem redundant to include both a written-out version and a numerical
version of numbers, doing this leaves no doubt about what number was
intended in the document.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions
Write the number out clearly in words. For example, assume a
contractor will earn $1,000,500.30 for completing a contract. Write
“Upon completion of
The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure spell out how to draft federal
legal documents. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) can be
found online (see Resources). If this procedure is not followed when
filing federal legal documents, the clerk of court might return your
pleadings to be drafted in the proper format. This can delay the
filing of your case if you are the plaintiff, or it can cause your
answer to be late (if you are the defendant). Delaying the filing of
your case might put you outside of the statute of limitations. If this
happens, you will not be able to file the lawsuit. If you are late
with a responsive pleading, the case could possibly be
By definition, an executed legal document represents the final
expression of a party's intent to be bound by the instrument. Version
numbers should never be assigned to any signed legal document, as that
document itself is the single definitive version. It is permissible,
indeed desirable, to assign version numbers when drafting legal
documents; but in order to avoid confusion and unnecessary problems,
never place version numbers on the final document. Types of Legal
DocumentsThe usefulness of document numbering depends to a significant
extent on the number of people involved in drafting it. Some documents
are produced to comply with governmental regulatory requirements, and
may need the
In everyday writing, no one writes out numbers in words followed by
numerals--unless you are hand writing a check or preparing a legal
document. That's according to the University of Minnesota, which notes
that legal documents are always seen with every number followed by a
numeral in parentheses: one hundred and one (101), two (2), fifteen
hundred (1500). According to lawyer Stuart Israel, numbers are not
written out that way because of a legal requirement--it is a curious
anachronism that has its roots in days gone by. Before computers and
typewriters, there was cursive writing, and not everyone could write
legibly. The tradition of writing numbers out two different ways began
to ensure pe
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