Crop filter with JpegRenderer not working

Category : Mobile Programming
I am trying to do a square (1:1) crop of an image that came from a 16:9 or 4:3 source and use the JpegRenderer to make an image stream for saving to disk. Unfortunately, instead of doing a square crop, JpegRenderer is just squishing the image to fit into a 1:1 space. Can the JpegRenderer handle an aspect ratio change, or do I have to render it to an intermediate object before rendering it out to jpeg? Thank you for any help!

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[ubuntu] ffmpeg crop filter
Category : Ubuntu
am i right in saying that if i want to crop 40 pixels fro the top of a video and 60 pixels from the bottom, i would have to do it over two different conversions.
my understanding is this would crop the top. crop 40 pixels from position y=0
-vf crop=in_w-0:in_h-40:0:0
and this would cr

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Crop, graduated filter and other tools palette like in LR3 (not scrollable) - how to do it?
Category : Design Software

Hello -


I'd like to know how to make the LR4 crop and others tools palette to not scroll on right panel, i.e. to make them behave just like in LR3 - the whole panel is scrolling up and down, but the tool palette itself is stay

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Nginx image filter to fix a height and set a max width to crop only when required
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to setup an image carousel on my site - I need to handle most image sizes (generally 16:9, 4:3 and portrait).

to do this, we want to fix the image height to 90 pixels, and if it happens to be wider than 120, I'd prefer to crop the extra bits. Although if its less than 120,

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Can' t open from day to night a picture from LR 4/5 to PSCC if a preset/filter/crop has been used.
Category : Design Software



don t know how to solve that. It happened without having made any change   or update; like that  from day to night , It stopped working.  If I crop, use a LR preset using a graduated filter or plug in

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Error msg is generated when attempt to crop a TIF that included a 3rd party filter (Win7 Pro SP1)
Category : Design Software

Error msg is generated when attempt to crop a TIF that included a 3rd party filter not on

local machine. (Windows 7 Professional SP1)


1. File created in CS5 with third party filter applied to smart object (filter:Neat I

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Crop Tool Not Working
Category : Design Software

I have used Lightroom 3.4 on Windows for at least two years with no problems.  Today, the crop tool stopped working.  I open the tool, make my first adjustment to an image.  When I try to make a second adjustment (move a line, move a corner, move the image), the tool snaps shut, an

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Php image crop not working
Category : Development
I have just begun learning php and have been trying to crop an image but it keeps returning a little broken image box. Am I doing something wrong or is GD not working? I am using xampp. I found this example script online.
PHP Code:

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Crop tool not working!!
Category : Design Software

my crop tool has gone 'pale' on the list under 'image' and won't work. How can I get it back?

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My crop tool is not working.
Category : Design Software

Everytime I try to crop an image, the window showing "progress" pulls up, but only makes it about 1/5 of the way on the bar. It never finishes the cropping job, the windown just sits there. I have reset the tool AND uninstalled and reinstalled Photoshop. What do I do?

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LR 5.0 - Constrain Crop not working. Bug?
Category : Design Software



I just upgraded from LR 4.4. I tried the new "upright" feature on a picture with lens data. Upright worked as expected, but the "constrain crop" check box can't be checked. When I click on it, the box remains unchecked, an

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