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I searched the forum for a similar post and found this: [url][/url] but it doesn't help in answering my question. When I call RenderAsync() when using my CustomFilter, a NullReferenceException is thrown, which I need to catch and keep calling RenderAsync() until it finally works. Any ideas why? My code is really simple:
using (var source = new BufferImageSource(
using (var effect = new FilterEffect(new MyCustomFilter(source)))
using (var renderer = new JpegRenderer(

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CustomFilter C# NullReferenceException
by VulgarDisplay in Mobile Programming
I searched the forum for a similar post and found this: [url][/url] but it doesn't help in answering my question. When I call RenderAsync() when u
NullReferenceException handler throws NullReferenceException!
by David in Mobile Programming
I just got the strangest error. I have exception code that catches a
null reference exception:
catch (NullReferenceException ex) { ... }
The handling code does nothing but print out data from within the
object, ex. So, nothing is changed. And Ive found that the
NullReferenceException :!
by rjbsmith in Mobile Programming
namespace Test1{ public partial class Form1 : Form { string emp_code = ""; public Form1() { InitializeComponent(); } private void Uploadbutton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { openFileDialog1.S
NullReferenceException Help
by deanschang in Mobile Programming
All -
I need some help debugging a Null Reference Exception error I keep getting
when callling a specific method from a COM object reference.
I need help getting started where to look to see what may be causing this
error. Other method calls to this COM object perform normally,
Getting NullReferenceException
by xSauronx in Mobile Programming
Below is what I am doing -
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers private void Example() {   try   {    HtmlDocument htmlDocument=webBrowser1.Document;    HtmlElement newApplication=htmlDocument.GetElementById("
NullReferenceException and COM
by NesuD in Mobile Programming
I have a C# application which uses the Microsoft Enterprise Library.
When I am using the locking functionality I get a
System.NullReferenceException in mscorlib.dll. When I try to debug I see,
that the problem is with the function
NullReferenceException in MC++
by gorcorps in Mobile Programming
I am new to C++ & MC++. I am trying to write a wrapper class for exsiting
code which uses libraries(Adobe Framemaker) to open documents. These
libraries are written in C++.
The code is :-
public __gc class Framemaker
bool ConnectToFrameSessio
NullReferenceException - but where?!
by Demo24 in Mobile Programming
Hi peeps,
Im suddenly getting a very strange error on one of my websites. It seems to
be crashing within SaveViewState (?) but I cant tell if that the case, or if
there is something else going on.
The error occurs when I load a certain page with 2 lists, one shows a
NullReferenceException :-
by Alec in Mobile Programming
hiya, im using this piece of code
RegistryKey key = Registry.CurrentUser.OpenSubKey(@"SoftwareRetro", true);

Need help with NullReferenceException
by Jason Terhorst in Mobile Programming
DateTime mydt = new DateTime();
mydt = Convert.ToDateTime(com.Decrypt(Request.QueryString["Time"].ToString(), com.KeyCode.ToString()));

What am I doing wrong ? Its giving NullReferenceException.

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