Published app isn't available in my country!

Category : Mobile Programming
I publish app "Menicka" for Nokia X platform and set availability for all countries & all languages, but when I go to the store [url][/url], it say that this app isn't available in this country... Wtf?

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International websites .com/country VS VS country specific domains
Category : Development
Milan Direct now has
What is the best SEO path for us to pursue as we expand internationally?
should our sites be like:

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Getting published content item out of request[“PUBLISHED”] in Plone
Category : Web Design

I try to get context object in IPubAfterTraversal hook from event

def admin_language_negotiator(event):
Event handler which pokes the language after traversing and authentication is done, but before rendering.

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Published swf is fine, published f4v has huge mismatch between audio and video.
Category : Design Software

I've created a project in Captivate 5.0 on a Mac. The published swf is 12MB and pulls in a 4.8MB flv. There are 61 slides.  This works perfectly as a published SWF.


However, when I published the file as an f4v, there is a

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Published DPS magazine issue not appearing in App Library on date published
Category : Design Software

I received this email from a client and am trying to figure out how to help him.


-----Original Message-----


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<country>INDIA</country>Country Name : How i create a element like this?
Category : Programming Languages
Showing the country name with in the tags of "COUNTRY" and also have to show the Field Description so that user can understand easily.
sometimes have to show
<country>INDIA</country> Country Name
<ID>12345</ID> Record Number.

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Published software simulation not displaying correctly when published
Category : Design Software



When viewing a Captivate 6 software simulation either through the Preview mode or when published, screens will 'break up' at different points - part of the previous screen will stay in view when it moves to the next sc

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XML thumbnail gallery works when published in as1, when published in as2 it fails
Category : Development Tools & Services
if anyone can help, I believe it's a scoping issue?????
//import mx.transitions.*;
//import mx.transitions.easing.*;
// Create a new XML object.
//var myPhoto:XML = new XML();
myPhoto = new XML();
myPhoto.ignoreWhite = true;
myPhoto.onLoad = function(success) {

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Display long country names as short country names from a Country table in Rails 3
Category : Programming Languages

A question about representing a string from a model.

I have a Country model which has a list of countries.

The countries are in long form eg. United States, United Kingdom, etc.

I want to represent this data in short name form eg. USA, UK.

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error in published app because published app does not remember value of variables
Category : ASP &


I have a question: I have an app that works fine in Visual Studio, but when I publish the app, I get an 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object'-error.&nbsp;


In Visual Studio, in the onload a variable is filled. When I then run a partic

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Loading FP9 and 8 published swfs into a FP7 published swf...
Category : Design Software
Loading FP9 and 8 published swfs into a FP7 published swf...
In the company I work for, none of us use the same version of flash. We have a file published in flash 7 that we load external swfs published in flash 8 and 9.
This all works fine. Here's the issue...

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