Confused on how to code a Task in Viewmodel

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I am trying to get a RingToneTask in my Viewmodel. But since, as far as I understand, a portion of the ringtonetask has to be put in the Constructor on the Mainpage.cs, I dont know how to go about coding the task into my viewmodel. View model is below. For testing purposes, I had the debug.writing portion in there. Now what I want to try to do is replace that debug.writing line with a code that will save the ringtone using the soundpath as a source. Right now, as is, the button used just plays the sound and does not give the option to save as RingTone. If it would help, I have my solution shared on Onedrive is someone is willing to take a look.
I went ahead and uploaded i

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ASP.NET MVC3 ViewModel - Confused
Category : Programming Languages

I'm learning about ViewModels in C# ASP.NET MVC 3, and I'm stuck at displaying data from the ViewModel in my View.

The Models:

public class Author
public int Id { get; set; }
public string Name { get; set; }
public virtual ICollection&

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How to set viewmodel property from code-behind using Viewmodel-first?
Category : Development Tools & Services

In my WPF (4.0) application I'm using Viewmodel-first pattern. Hence, my viewmodels are created first, then the views - using data templates. A working demo can be found here.

Now, from within the created views (code-behind), I need to modify a property of the viewmodel.

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Repeating task on page every x seconds and report back to UI thread (e.g. set TextBlock.Text or ViewModel property)
Category : Programming Languages

I've got a Windows 8 App and want to query a resource every 15 seconds for a status change (get onto a webservice url), the result should be written into a ViewModel property, which is bound to the UI (XAML).

If we leave the page, the task should be terminated.

I've taken

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Confused about Task Killer
Category : Android
When I open Task Killer it shows me a long list of apps. Does it mean they are running or had run at some point.
Seem unlikely that all those apps would be running at once. And if so why don't they close then?

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Does the Recommended Task Exception-Handling Code Synchronize the Task?
Category : Programming Languages

It looks like the pattern on MSDN for handling exceptions raised in a Task synchronizes the code. Here is the code from the MSDN page:

var task1 = Task.Factory.StartNew(() =>
throw new MyCustomException("I'm bad, but not too bad!");

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MVC 3 Code First ViewModel - How to?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm currently playing around with ASP .NET MVC 3 and - for data access - the code first approach of the Entity Framework.

I've read a lot of documentation, blogs, stackoverflow questions etc. but haven't found a precise answer to the following question and I hope someone out there can

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Technical code into the ViewModel in wpf?
Category : Coding

I have a UserControl with some custom dependency properties bound to a clr property in the ViewModel. The ViewModel has application logic where I deal with the TextPointer/TextRange classes with a FlowDocument.

Should I put that stuff into the code-behind of the UserControl or in the

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Create View for ViewModel post returns ViewModel with empty foreign key properties
Category : Programming Languages

I am developing a web application in ASP.NET MVC3 (my first) mean to track data processing steps for the engineering firm where I work.

Below are some of the domain models:


Partial Public MustInherit Class Dataset
Public Property DatasetID

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Silverlight 5 MVVM: how to trigger event from Child ViewModel to parent ViewModel? (UserControls)
Category : Programming Languages


I have a UserControl (call it UCA) with it's DataContext bound to a ViewModel (call it VMA). The UserControl (UCA) has another UserControl (call it UCB) nested within and I have a ViewModel for UCB called VMB.

The parent ViewModel (VMA) has a property to instan

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MVC pass viewmodel view with viewmodel containing parent values and child list
Category : Programming Languages

My application has multiple areas within one facility. I am trying to pass a single model to the view that contains facility values (facility_id, facility_name), and a list of areas. I currently have the list of areas as a type of the entity model for the table (area_list).

My vie

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