More button is moving down in the chrome browser

I'm working on a prestashop theme and the more button is moving down in the chrome browser but it renders fine in firefox.

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[RESOLVED] 'read more' button keeps moving in Chrome
Category : Web Development
Help! Im kinda in over my head.. maybe because Ive been coding for hours. :(
So here is the deal.
This container:
<div class="readmore-container">
<div class="readmore"><a href="

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Copy button missing on Chrome browser?
Category : Android
A week or so ago ATT finally dropped the 4.3 update for the One, but now my copy button is missing in Chrome. When you tap the area it is supposed to be it briefly shows up but otherwise it is an empty space. I've tried resetting Chrome and reinstalling the updates but it didn't work. Not sure if th

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How to disable back button on Chrome browser
Category : Development
I am unable to disable back button on Chrome browser.
The below code is working for IE8 and FF browsers.
window.location.hash="Again-No-back-button";//again because google chrome dont insert f

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Link button and tabs Not working Chrome Browser
Category : ASP &

Hi forumians,

In my project i have tab navigations (like 4 tabs in a page) when i click on the tab i will get that corresponding tab fields.

for tab navigation

i use

Menu item

my code is below

&lt;asp:MenuItem Text=&quot;Personal&quot; V

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[ubuntu] Google Chrome Browser - Back Button Problem
Category : Ubuntu
I don't know if others are having this issue...
When using Chrome if I go back to a page I was browsing it doesn't take me to the spot where I previously was, instead I land on the top of the page.
Obviously, this is a pain if you're jumping from the middle of a fairly long page a

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How to Resize Button Field in gridview if we use Google chrome browser
Category : ASP &

Hi Everybody,

&nbsp; I am using google chorme to test my application. In that &lt;asp:buttonfield&gt; control with in gridview is not resized. I am able to rotate text using following code.

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Chrome back button issue for cross browser login
Category : Web Design

I am logging in to the site using Janrain facebook login. On successful authentication from facebook i ll taken to the home page. From the home page i m navigating to other page. From that page when i click chrome browser back button, i am not taken to the home page. Instead i m taken to janrain

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Weird behaviour with Chrome browser and data bound button
Category : Programming Languages

I've noticed some strange browser specific weirdness with Google
Chrome with some data bound buttons, in that when you navigate away
from the page then use the browsers back button the data bind displays
different data. If you then hit refresh it resets to the correct data.

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In Chrome browser, Modal pop up pops up when clicking a button which is disabled
Category : Programming Languages

I have a page which has a modal pop up which shows on clicking a link button. I have disabled the link button but on clicking the disabled link button also the modal pop up appears. It works fine in all other browsers except Chrome. How to prevent modal pop up from being shown when the link butto

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Kendo Autocomplete gets assigned value with browser back button in Chrome
Category : Programming Languages

I have a Kendo Autocomplete in a global navigation area on my site. Sometimes, when I hit the browser back button, that autocomplete gets assigned a value that's the URL of the page navigated to.

The autocompletes datasource is a json response from the server.

This issue o

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