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Hi I am new to using Solr 3.6.1. I am attempting a geospatial
search using solr, whose index is imported from MySQL using DIH. I can
see that there are lat & lng data (but not latlng) returned from
the *:* query.

Problem: When I attempt a
geospatial search, I get no results returned. I only get results when
I increase the search distance d to a very large values
like 100000, and the results returned contains no lat/lng data.


Could I have missed out something in the schema or data-config
that prevented the geospatial data from being searched?

would also like to sort according to ascending distance.

File access models and remote data access models are completely
different concepts in the Information Technology (IT) industry. File
access involves permissions set up to allow users access to files.
Remote data access involves connections to databases. File AccessIn
a network environment, file access refers to user permissions to
access a file. Network administrators can implement read, write,
execute and delete permissions on a file. If users have none of these
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I am trying to use R to model grids of agents that change their
decisions based on the decisions of other agents in their direct
proximity. Basically - each agent looks to the other agents around him
on the grid, and might change its behaviour based on the the actions
around him. I have included some sample dinky-toy code per below to
show (one iteration) of such dynamic.I am wondering whether a) there
is an elegant manner to address the boundaries of the grid (currently
the t+1, i+1 code does
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I'm trying to produce a nice bubble plot overlaid on top of a
basemap of the US (i could import a shapefile if that is preferred but
i've been using the R basemaps.

myData =

Using this code below, that i adapted from another stack overflow
post ( href="">Create
bubble plot in R using satellite map), i am able to overlay a
bubble plot on a map of the US. However this renders very slowly, the
extent is too tight, it is bounded in a box, i'm not able to add other
layers to the plot from what i can tell, and the base map is thick and
not visually clean.

xy <- myData[,c("long", "lat")]
nl <- getData('GADM', country="USA", level=1) #raster data, format
nl <- gSimiplify(nl, tol=0.01, topologyPreserve=TRUE)
# coercing the polygon outlines to a SpatialLines object
spl <- list("sp.lines", as(nl, "SpatialLines"))
SPDF <- SpatialPointsDataFrame(coords=xy, data=myData)
coordinates(myData) <- c("lat", "long")
projection(SPDF)<- "+proj=longlat +ellps=WGS84 +datum=WGS84
+no_defs +towgs84=0,0,0"
coordinates(SPDF)[1:5,] #retrieves spatial coordinates form the
bubble(SPDF, "pop", sp.layout=spl, main="This is It!")

I can draw a nice basemap using this code. I add points to the map
but they are not sized by the pop column in my data. And i can add
additional layers to this map. But can i control the size of the
points and the symbol itself like i can using a bubble plot?

map(database= "world", ylim=c(45,90), 
xlim=c(-160,-50), col="grey80",
fill=TRUE, projection="gilbert",
orientation= c(90,0,225))

coord <- mapproject(myData$lon, myData$lat,
proj="gilbert",orientation=c(90, 0, 225))
points(coord, pch=20, cex=1.2, col="red")

Can anyone please guide me towards the best way to plot a bubble
map in R where i can adjust the fill and outline of the symbols in the
bubble map, And i can add a clean basemap, that i can a) control the
colors of (fill and lines) and b) add additional layers to (for
instance another shapefile layer).

Thank you in advance for any advice.

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