if cancan access is denied it displays an error page or movie to another page, how to stay on same page?

I have used cancan and i have used

rescue_from CanCan::AccessDenied do |exception|
flash[:error] = "Access denied!"
redirect_to root_url

in my application controller but i want to stay on the same page where i perform that action and if possible a pop up window just showing

you are not authorised to perform this action

How to customize so as to stay in the same page wherever the unauthorized action is performed? please help me doing this.

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Drupal How to change access denied / login page for one protected page
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I have one page ( a view page ) where I need the user to be logged-in in order to see it. But the default login page seems overly harsh and would want to a friendlier page in page stating the need to sign up to see this portion of the website.

My quick thought was the create a module that put a hook in for this particular page of the site. But I am not sure that this is the best way.

Call a javascript function from one frame's page to another frame's page, gives “Permission Denied” error
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I have an page which contains frameset of 2 frames. I am loading http://testhost/test.aspx in frame1 and http://otherhost/test2.aspx in frame2. Now, i want to call the javascript function of test.aspx from test2.aspx using parent and child elements. But I am getting "Permission Denied" error, as both pages are from different domain.

Please note that test.aspx and test2.aspx are under two different hosts.

Please help me by suggesting a work around for this.

Thanks in advance.

Sharepoint : Access denied when editing a page (because of page layout) or list item
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I'm logged in as the System Account, so it's probably not a "real access denied"!
What I've done :
- A custom master page
- A custom page layout from a custom content type (with custom fields)

If I add a custom field (aka "content field" in the tools in SPD) in my page layout, I get an access denied when I try to edit a page that comes from that page layout.

So, for example, if I add in my page layout this line in a "asp:content" tag :
I get an access denied. If I remove it, everyting is fine. (the field "test" is a field that comes from the content type).

Any idea?


Sharepoint 2010 login layout page gives Access denied error
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I have few login screen in Loayout folder of sharepoint. When we are redirecting to change password screen it gives Access denied error. But no in other pages like Custom login page security question pages. In the debug mode also we couldnt get any error.

Site members/visitors get access denied error page because of webpart
Programming Languages

I`v developed custom webpart. I can add it to page and site owners can view page with no problems.

However Site visitors/users get redirected to access denied error page. Sure, I must be doing some stuff normal users are not allowed to.

But the thing that bugs me is that when I place breakpoint in webpart constructor or even variable declaration it won't get hit! (If i try to view page with limited privileges). But in my browser, I get the access denied page. However, if I close that webpart, I instantly have access to that page and everything is OK.

What's the catch here? I was hoping I could catch exception with debugger to se

custom error page for Statuscode 401.2 - Access Denied
Programming Languages
Hi All,
I have a windows authenticated web site - a sub directory
has been secured by denying various roles. When access is
denied the default error page for 401.2 is displayed -
How can I customise my own access denied page?
I have tried custom error tags in the web.config but that
doesnt seem to work, nor does changing the IIS error page
Any ideas?
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How to catch error 401 access denied and redirect to custom error page ?
Programming Languages

Im using ASP.NET 2.0 and i have copied and pasted the code below to my
Global.asax file but it desnt trap
the error
I want to trap the 401 access denied
void Application_Error(object sender, EventArgs e)
Exception exception = Server.GetLastError();
HttpException httpException = (HttpException)exception;
int httpCode = httpException.GetHttpCode();
switch (httpCode)
case 401: Response.Redirect("~/Pages/Error/NoAccess.aspx"); break;
case 404: Response.Redirect("~/Pages/Error/PageNotFound.aspx"); break;

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