if cancan access is denied it displays an error page or movie to another page, how to stay on same page?

I have used cancan and i have used

rescue_from CanCan::AccessDenied do |exception|
flash[:error] = "Access denied!"
redirect_to root_url

in my application controller but i want to stay on the same page where i perform that action and if possible a pop up window just showing

you are not authorised to perform this action

How to customize so as to stay in the same page wherever the unauthorized action is performed? please help me doing this.

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My security works fine except for one small annoyance.  This is an intranet site only and are using Windows (AD) authentication with Anonymous turned off.  The 'good' users get right in, with no prompts.  This is good.  H

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I have a question:
How do i redirect people to a friendly HTML page if they aren't allowed access,
rather than the rude error that asp.net gives as below:

Server Error in '/refunds' Application.

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I'm logged in as the System Account, so it's probably not a "real access denied"!
What I've done :
- A custom master page
- A custom page layout from a custom content type (with custom fields)

If I add a custom field (aka "content field" in the tools in SPD) in my page

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My quick thought was the create a module

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Hey folks, need some assistance here. Everything was working fine, until our network guys made some modifications to our network, and now my application will not display any ASPX resource without complaining about Access Denied. I can, however, see the .htm files just fine. I am wondering if anyone

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Custom page for access denied page.
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I have simple website and where I apply roles into it... let's say the user role trying to access the admin page it will redirct to specific page where it say's "you are not allow to access this page".

Below is my tag for denying the user.

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I copied an Ajax sample from http://www.w3schools.com/ajax/tryit.asp?filename=tryajax_first   I saved the sample down as ajaxTest1.htm.  When I run the sample (sample code below) I get the &

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Custom error page if access denied
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part of intranet web site is accessible only to few domain members and rest of them can't see content of this pages. How can I show custom error page in Internet Explorer, instead of Access Denied (I think error code is 401).


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Have a web page where I include RSS-Feeds. When I run the page on my local computer using IE it works fine and all the RSS-links are displayed. It works by using this javascript function in the web page:
function getrss(rsslink)
var newxml = document.createEle

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