if users press the browser's back button to reach the prior page..then page should display a message like “web page expired” in asp.ne

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if users press the browser's back button to reach the prior page..then page should display a message like "web page expired" in asp.net

can i use javascript for this???

for example..

there are 4 pages in web sites. 1,2 and 3 can be back. but when the 4th page run then 4th page can not be back... when the user press browser's back button , diaplay ma message "weg page expired".

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<input type=button value=“Previous Page” onClick=“history.go(-1)”> Warning: Page has Expired IE
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I am trying to send user to previous page history.go(-1). This works fine in Firefox but fails in IE
Warning: Page has Expired The page you requested was created using information you submitted in a form. This page is no longer available. As a security precaution, Internet Explor

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Need page has expired error page while clicking browser back button.
Category : ASP & ASP.net

Hi friends,

I need to know how can we achieve this? Once the user navigate from a page,the cache should be clear and if they press browser back button, it should display the "page has expired" error message.

Can anybody help me on this?

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Web page expired message display when click on IE7s Back button
Category : Development
I have one problem regarding search & search results page in IE & Firefox.
A code in both pages written in Php & database in MySQL
Problem :
When i selected one or more checkbox & dropdown items on search page & click on GO button then search result page o

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ASP.NET - Browser always returns “Page not found” message the first time I request the start page
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Whenever I start a new browser session and request the start page of my ASP.NET site, I am redirected to a different URL that is similar to the one I requested. For example, if I request the page


I am re

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ASP.NET UpdatePanel: Make browser “back” button return to *last* version of the page
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I have page A and page B. You can do the following things in page A:

Do stuff on page A (e.g., choose an item in a list box), which causes an UpdatePanel in page A to be redrawn with additional information.
Move on to page B. This is done with a Button and Response.Redirect

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Web Page Expired - After Browser Back Button
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Hi I have a simple search page and search results page. The search page includes a number of drop down menu's and calendar controls.

When I click the search button the page redirects to the search results page which displays a gridview. If the user hits the browser back button

they ge

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Can I add a “Go to App” button to my Facebook page, or migrate my page to an app community page?
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I would like to have a Facebook page for my Facebook app with a "go to app" button. The problem is, our existing page does not have such a button.

One option would be to add the button to the page. Is there a way to do that?

The other option would be to create an app com

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Page Has Expired Message in between the php Page When I click Back in Explorer Menu
Category : PHP
Could anyone please help me on this??
I have a php script page, which is basically quiz. Visitors (after login in
with their email address) are supposed to answer each question, and when
they click the button at the bottom, the next page will show which problems
they got right o

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How to get page expired after clicking the back button on browser
Category : ASP & ASP.net

I am facing a prboblem while loging out from a page.

When i log out the page; and press the back back button on broser. I can view the page similar way.

I have clear all cookies and destrioy session.

Please give me any suitable solution

Thanx for the kind help.

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Page Expired when click Back button on browser
Category : ASP & ASP.net
I'm getting that 'Page Expired' screen when I click the Back button on Internet Explorer... It only happens when I try to access my website from a certain computer; on every other computer it's perfectly fine. I don't know if it matters, but it's a fairly complex website with a lot of dynamically cr

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