iis7 multiple websites visible in localhost on my server, but only one visible online

I've got a web server (windows server 2008 R2) with IIS7.5, bought on telecity,com, where I have access via remote desktop; on this server I had a website in production, accessible via IP (at the moment I don't have a domain) and now I'd like to add a testing environment, so I've configured another website on another port (8888), and I've created an application on the folder containing test files.

Now, when I try to browse this new website on the server using localhost address (http://localhost:8888) all works fine, but if I try to browse it using public IP (http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8888) it doesn't work.

The strange thing is that the "production" web

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ISAPI Settings not visible in IIS7
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I wish to do some settings in IIS7 which could run asp.net 1.1 websites.For that some settings in ISAPI and CGI Extensions are required. But when Opened IIS 7 i couldn't locate any of those.
I have enable all IIS features from Programs and Features in Control Panel

I am using W7 32bit Enterprise Edition


Jersey Grizzly REST service not visible outside localhost
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I'm trying to write a REST service in java using Jersey and Glassfish Grizzly. I have a very simple case working internally, but can't seem to call on the server from an external address. I've tried using a variety of different pairs of machines with externally visible IP's, and tried specifying the actual IP address in the server instead of localhost, but nothing works. I'm somewhat loosely following the official user guide here. My resource:

package resources;
import javax.ws.rs.GET;
import javax.ws.rs.Path;
import javax.ws.rs.Produces;
public class SimpleRESTResource
Node expand box is not visible in Internet explorer and Chrome but is visible in firefox
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I have a radtreeview in item template of a radcombobox. The parent node is visible but its expand box is not in chrome and IE but its visible in firefox.

Am i missing something or what can i do to fix this issue.

extensionless image file not visible in IIS7.5
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We have extension less images which worked perfectly in iis6. However, in IIS7.5 even after adding the static file handler i am not able to get it to display the image. I have ticked the Static content option in properties for IIS7.5 the operating system for server is Windows Server 2008 R2. The image file with extension are visible properly. However those without extension give me 404 in fiddler. The mime type application/octet-stream has also been added for .* filename extension

Visible='<%# UserCanEdit %>' – if set to true inside Page_Load, then control isn't visible
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User control defines a property named UserCanEdit:

private bool _userCanEdit=false;
public bool UserCanEdit
get { return _userCanEdit; }
set { _userCanEdit = value; }

This User Control also contains the following GridView:

<asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server">
<asp:Label ID="C" runat="server" Visible='<%# UserCanEdit %>' Text="Visibility"></asp:Label>

wampserver homepage only visible from localhost
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recently I used wamp server to set up a server environment in a Windows machine. Everything works great, but I have a little problem: everyone can access the wampserver homepage, therefore they can see other webpages hosted in the same server, the server filseystem, etc. The URLs of the webpage have the following format:
hostname/project1, hostname/project2...
The main problem is that, anyone can see all the projects that are hosted by going to the direction of the hostname because this will lead to the wampserver homepage, and I would prefer that this homepage could be accessed only in the localhost of the windows host. Is there any way to do that? I'm guessing that I will ne

styles on localhost on vista not visible
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Im not sure it has to do with asp.net, but since I moved to Vista in every
web site (even the smallest one with only one default.aspx) created on
localhost I have the same problems: styles are not applied when running the
In the designer I see the styles perfectly.
does anybody have an idea what this could be ?
thank you in advance

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