ImageMagick: Error while running convert: convert: unable to read font

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I'm on Mountain Lion and installed ImageMagick using Homebrew (minimagick is also in my Gemfile but I don't think that's relevant). SimpleCaptcha uses it in a Rails app to create CAPTCHAs.

However, the image isn't created cause of this error:

Error while running convert: convert: unable to read font `/usr/local/share/ghostscript/fonts/n019003l.pfb' @ error/annotate.c/RenderFreetype/1123.
convert: Postscript delegate failed `/var/folders/gd/n7rzfhkd5jd0ws8jnzsz34hr0000gn/T/magick-vzHHz4ZP': No such file or directory @ error/ps.c/ReadPSImage/830.
convert: no images defined `/var/folders/gd/n7rzfhkd5jd0ws8jnzsz34hr0000gn/T/simple_captch

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ImageMagick convert error (Wrong JPEG library version: library is 62, caller expects 70)
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Looks like it is reading the wrong jpeg ibrary, but I have jpeg 7 installed. How do i tell ImageMagick to look up the right JPEG library version(I don't care 62 or 70 as long as it works).

here is the instruction i am following

ImageMagick convert SVG using my true type font (Magick++)
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I am using Magick++ API of ImageMagick. I cannot find out how to set up rendering svg to raster with my font. this is my svg .

The goal is to achieve analog of

convert.exe -font C:FontsRoadSymbols.ttf C:ua_03.svg C:1.png

but using Magick++ API.

I tried to set up font like this:

Magick::Image svgImage("C:ua_03.svg");

But I had't got required result.

Any ideas?

ImageMagick Error in Django's aino-convert app
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I'm using aino-convert on a project and running into an issue I've never seen before. I've taken the exact same code from another project where I've used aino-convert, but it's blowing up with an ImageMagick error in the new project. My template code looks like this:

{% thumbnail img.image "156x106" as thumb %}
<img src="{{ thumb }}" alt="{{ }}" />

and that results in the following TemplateSyntaxError:

Caught ExecuteException while rendering: Magick: invalid argument for option `-resize': '156x106' @ error/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/2343.

I've tried playing around with the

CKeditor, Paperclip, ImageMagick issue — can't convert images, getting error
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when trying to upload an image locally through the CKeditor, in Ruby on Rails, on a typical form page I get this error:

Started POST "/ckeditor/pictures?qqfile=logo.gif" for a
2013-01-25 11:14:58 -0800
Processing by Ckeditor::PicturesController#create as */*
Parameters: {"qqfile"=>"logo.gif"}
Command :: file -b --mime "C:/Users/NFRIEN~1/AppData/Local/Temp/95f5f9bd14987c4ddf189dd0fcb085e0697486920130125-3708-1no0yu6"
[paperclip] Error while determining content type: Cocaine::CommanNotFoundError
Command :: identify -format %wx%h "C:/Users/NFRIEN~1/AppData/Loca/Temp/logo20130125-3708-1n5pmso.gif[0]"
Command ::
Error “Invalid Parameter” fom ImageMagick convert on Windows
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I am trying to convert a PDF document into a PNG file using ImageMagick command line tools from a ASP.NET website. I create a new shell process and ahve it execute the following command:

convert -density 96x96 "[FileNameAndPath].pdf" "[FileNameAndPath].png"

This runs well when testing the website on my local machine with the ASP.NET Develeopment Server of VS and the command also works well when manually entered into the shell. When running from the programatically created shell in ASP.NET there is the following error message:

Invalid Parameter - 96x96

Does anybody know why that happen

Font misses when convert svg to png using ImageMagick
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I was trying to convert svg file to png file using ImageMagick. But the font of all texts are not rendered correctly after converting. It seems all the fonts are shown as "Arial" in png file. I used Batik before and it works well. Now I want to use ImageMagic because Batik is a little slow.

So how could I fix the font problem? Any advises? Thanks.

Error when using Imagemagick convert to resize an image
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I'm calling the convert Imagemagick command-line program to resize an image to a thumbnail size. Following the instructions here:
I typed:


convert -size 138x138 screenshot.jpg -resize 138x138 +profile "*" screenshot_thumb.jpg

And got this error:


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