In-depth explanation of Magento's Store / Store View / Website layers?

Could anybody point me towards a good technical explanation of
Magento's Store Views/Websites system on a programming level?


I am considering a customization of the system, but am not yet
sure which one of these levels to use.

I have several store views (Germany, Ireland, Switzerland...) all
which are supposed to have different currencies.
However, when I
set the correct default currency on store view level in the
configuration - nothing happens.
I hope someone is familiar with
this problem. Thanks!

If anyone could tell me where to
find the line in the code which prints out the currency symbol in the
product page, it would also help me!

I found
list.phtml in
the following line can be found:

<?php echo
$this->getPriceHtml($_product, true) ?&g
Programming Languages

Given a magento installation with multiple existing websites and
stores, is it possible to create a new website/store that requires
users to login before they can order a product? Optional visitors
should not be able to see the products as well. I prefer a module or
extension that works out of the box, and has a setting in the admin to
require login. This may be a paid module.

I found the
following extension from Mageparts.



This is only useful if new user accounts have to be approved by
us. I found another extension by mageparts:

Web Design

I was advised by an SEO specialist that I should add a /aus/
sub-folder to my Magento installation for geo-target specific

So what I am trying to achieve is to add the
same version of my store in a /aus/ sub-folder.

basically that it would look something like this: <- my current store <- for geo-targeting specific

I do not want to run the /aus/ version on a
separate installation or separate language, basically it should just
add /aus/ to my current store and replicate all links there.


Programming Languages

We have multi-website(5) multi-store-view(13) shop.


What we need is that only 3 store view from 1 shop are allowed to
checkout. Therefore the problem is how to redirect users from other
shops to the same products on specified store view.

example user watches product on mk_nn_eng and click @Button@, after
that he is redirected to mu_aa_ENG AND sees the same product, he was
observing but on specified store view.

How to perform such

Programming Languages

i want how to diference between customer of two domains.
example: --->from spain />local.pruebas.extra --->from extra source.

the two domains go to my site and .extra domain for example from
a marketing campaing.

I think that the solution can be
create a observer, for example:


<controller_action_predispatch> /> <observers>


Web Design

I want to get the default store id of currentyly active website.I


. It gets the current store but
not the default store id of the current website. HOw to get it ? Any
sugessions will be appreciated

Programming Languages
I have a store I'm developing that has two store views, one for each
language I'm supporting. The products and categories have localized
url keys.In my language switcher would redirect correctly (for
ones that had "Create Permanent Redirect" as well as ones with out)
but after upgrading to, it did not work any more.ProblemThere
is a regression in, they updated
Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Front to use
::_getRequestRewriteController() in ::dispatch() previously it use
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