insert json into mysql. json string is obtained from json.dumps

The problem is with inserting json strings into MySQL database. />In my python program I obtain json as a result of
json.dumps(d) where d is a dictionary. Inserting code

query = ("INSERT INTO bm_triesJsons VALUES
(%s, %s, %s);"%
(article_id, revision_number,
print query
cur.execute(query) />

It looks like the problem is quotes, there is no
escape symbol in front of quotes.
How can I fix this?

I'm using json.dumps to convert into json like

/>countries.append({"id","name","timezone":row.timezone}) />print json.dumps(countries)

The result i have

[{"timezone": 4, "id": 1, "name": "Mauritius"},
{"timezone": 2, "id": 2, "name": "France"}, {"timezone": 1, "id": 3,
"name": "England"}, {"timezone": -4, "id": 4, "name": "USA"}] />

I'm not understanding why the elements in array is
upside down, Normally I should have the keys in one countries
id,name,timezone but the timezone is first.

Do you have
any idea??

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I have a form with fields and a text-area that allows any
characters to be entered. I can't just submit the form, because the
form is being recycled many times over, so the form values are being
stored in associative arrays:

<input type="text"
id="VISITOR_DETAILS_NAME" value="Joe">
type="text" id="VISITOR_DETAILS_SIZE" value="Large">

<textarea id='VISITOR_DETAILS_INFO'>
User can enter
anything here including double " and single ' quotes

<input type="hidden" name="package"
id="package" value="" />

I have around 20,000 files with JSON array in them. I would like to
DUMP all these files into MongoDB hosted locally. I am using
mongoimport for this purpose.

Is there any way I can speed
up the process ?

These 20,000 files contains around 12
million records.


I have the following response:

"name": "This is a test 123",

"start_time": "2013-12-02T18:00:00+0530",
"location": "Mount
"id": "525447507473743",

"rsvp_status": "attending"

"name": "This is a test event",
"location": "Mount
"id": "560383743988530",

"rsvp_status": "attending"
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I recently started looking into building web applications using
.NET MVC and I stumbled upon this blog post by Phil Haack: JSON
Hijacking. For those of you who aren't aware of this vulnerability
when using JSON to transfer sensitive data it's really a must

It seems that there are three ways to handle this

Require a POST instead of GET in your JSON
Wrap your JSON array responses in a JSON object. />Don't expose sensitive data in any service that isn't protected by 1
or 2.

The third alternative isn't really an option since it
really limits the use of JSON.

So wich o

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I'm trying to consume SmartyStreets JSON LiveAddress API and I'm
having some difficulties. I will admit that I'm not too familiar with
JSON. Anyways, I've tried a few different methods and I usually end up
with the error "Cannot deserialize JSON array into type Metadata".

Here is the JSON string:

Amphitheatre Pkwy","last_line":"Mountain View CA
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I hava a URL/ Restful service which generate lot of JSON Data ,.. so
i want to parse some of the contents and display them in android
,...for example ...{ "returnCode": "success", "RecievedData": {
"results": [ {"details": [ { "moredetails": [{ "id":
"123456", "price": "129.99", "recorded_at": 3223322,
"lastrecorded_at": 0002020, "seller": "google",
"availability": "Available", "currency": "USD" . .
. }], "offers
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