Integrated Spree Extension

Can somebody please explain, how to use integrated extension in Spree using Rails Application? I have followed Spree's Docs on but was unable to understand.

I am using
Rails 3.2.3,
Spree 1.1.1

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how to install “spree-dropdown-variants” with spree 1.1.1
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I am using spree 1.1.1 and facing problem installing "spree-dropdown-variants" because it has no GEM file. Please help me.

Rails(3.2.2) Direct sign_in to the Spree(1.1.1) from non-spree controller
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I have integrated Spree(1.1.1) into my existing Rails 3.2.2 Application. I have home_controller in my existing application. I want to direct login the user from action in the home controller to the spree using the sign_in method as

user = Spree::User.find(params[:user_id])

but that sign_in method is in the context of Spree.

How should I use sign_in. ?

Extension/plugin development tools - integrated into the IDE or separate?
Programming Languages

Part of our application is a fairly extensive plugin development kit allowing third parties to write extensions and add-ons that can be added to the product.

In addition to the standard libraries, project templates etc, there are a number of tools that are shipped that speed up development. For instance a custom resource editor that allows people to localize their plugins using the in-house resource framework.

Currently these tools are standalone applications that are installed as part of the PDK. We've had a suggestion to integrate them into the development environments that customers can use to write plugins, including Visual Studio and MonoDev

Spree install error “spree (>=0) x86-mingw32 depends on thor (=0.15.4)”
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Installing spree on rails gives multiple errors for dependence on 'thor' although I have both versions in my gem list.


Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem "thor":
In Gemfile:
spree (>=0) x86-mingw32 depends on
thor (= 0.14.6) x86-mingw32

sass-rails (~> 3.23) x86-mingw32 depends on
thor (= 0.15.4)


NOTE: My versions used are:

rails 3.2.6

spree 1.1.2

ruby 1.9.3p194

Spree: uninitialized constant Spree::ThemeSupport
Programming Languages

It seems like many of the Spree's extension don't support latest version of Spree (1.2.0). I tried to install few gems but I keep getting

uninitialized constant Spree::ThemeSupport

I read solution somewhere which is "It was deprecated, and is now removed you should be defining Deface overrides in the app/overrides directory now". But how to exactly do that? Has anyone implemented this?

Uninitialized constant Spree::ThemeSupport - Spree 1.3
Programming Languages

I'm using Spree 1.3.0, I have installed spree_products_tags for adding tags to products,

srikanth@srikanth-laptop:~/projects/mystore$ rake spree_products_tags:install:migrations
rake aborted!
uninitialized constant Spree::ThemeSupport
/home/srikanth/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p327/bundler/gems/spree_products_tags-b90636c337ff/lib/spree_products_tags_hooks.rb:1:in `<top (required)>'
/home/srikanth/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p327/gems/polyglot-0.3.3/lib/polyglot.rb:63:in `require'
/home/srikanth/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p327/gems/polyglot-0.3.3/lib/polyglot.rb:63:in `require'
icons break on deployment using rails, spree with fancy extension
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I have spree 2-1-stable running with rails 4.0.2. I added the spree-fancy extension.Everything looks good on the development server. When I deploy to production the icons break (e.g. cart, search, account icons). The icon html is:<i class="icon-basket"></i>the css is:.icon-basket:before { content: 'e73d'; }[class^="icon-"]:before, [class*=" icon-"]:before { font-family: 'icons';}I can replicate the issue with my development environment by removing the line: font

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