Difference between J2EE,J2SE & J2ME..

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CAN anyone help me in knowing the differences between J2EE, J2SE & J2ME...
I am a newbie to Java.
Please explain me in detail.
Thankz in Advance !!!

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Difference between J2EE,J2SE & J2ME..
by saikoh in Development

CAN anyone help me in knowing the differences between J2EE, J2SE & J2ME...
I am a newbie to Java.
Please explain me in detail.
Thankz in Advance !!!

j2se Vs j2ee vs j2me
by Pug in Development

Dear team,

I have done some java programs .Still i am confused what is the difference between
j2se vs j2ee vs j2me .

Can any one explain what is the diffrence .

I want to do sun certificate in java.Can any one have idea about the sun certificate.

Thank you,

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difference between J2SE and J2EE?
by Skipholiday in Development
Whats the major difference?
Is there anything like J2EE SDK?because I didnt find it on suns website.
if I start my program with J2SE, then I install j2EE, will there be any problem?
Difference between JDK, J2EE and J2SE codename
by Tridnewly in Development

I have see the same topics here and some topics on other sites, but I'm really still confuse how Sun names those version.

Here is my knownledge about those codename. Please see it and correct for me:

JDK: stands for Java Development Kit can be know as the most basic of Jav

J2EE or J2SE?
by Dean in Development
I just bought a new dedicated machine to act as a server in my new "lab." My plan is to install JVM, Apache and Tomcat, so I can really hone my skills as a Java developer. I will be building a dynamic web site as a part of my training process using servlets, JSP, etc.
Having said al

J2SE and J2EE
by comphollic in Development
What is the diference between standard edition and enterprice? For example: We have developed a webb community written with bean/jsp. We have also developed our own Connection Pool. How do we benefit of J2EE?
Regards, John

Which j2ee/j2se for EJB?
by albenik in Development

hi all,
I currently studying 2 books both by the 'head first' series, jsp+servlets and EJB. i'm two thirds through the servlets+jsp book and if anyone needs to learn this subject this is the book, it's amazing!!
I've just started reading the book on EJB and i'm not sure which ve
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J2SE or J2EE
by johntynan in Development
Hi everyone,
I am just starting developing in Java.
According to SUN, the roadmap to follow to start build J2EE applications, establishes tha you first know J2SE enviroment than, after all, the J2EE tecnology. Is it correct?
If so, what I would like to know is, can I immediately sta

J2EE vs J2SE ::.
by plonk420 in Development
Hi, Ive done a little research on both of these and still cant get a grip on their difference. Please explain how to get these too. Like the area of download. Because Im not sure if J2EE and J2SE are both included in the Java Runtime Environment download. One more thing, is Java Runtime Environment

using J2EE and J2SE
by cbridi in Development
can you run a J2SE applet on the web or do you need to use j2EE 5 and does J2EE use the same language code as J2SE or is it slightly different like C++ to C or is it majorly different and is there a seperate runtime environment to download if you use J2EE and If I have J2SE runtime environment insta
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