XML with diffrent nodes.

Category : ASP & ASP.net

Can I make a dynamic XMl which looks like this?

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?><CMS> <Episode1> <partOne>1</partOne> <partTwo>1</partTwo> </Episode1> <Episode2> <partOne>0</partOne> <partTwo>0</partTwo> </Episode2> <Episode3> <partOne>0</partOne> <partTwo>0</partTwo> </Episode3></CMS>

If yes please guide as I am using Datatable as node.


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RDLC, showing diffrent images/pictures on diffrent database values, c#
Category : C & C++ & C#

How can i show diffrent pictures based on a value in the databse in my rdlc report?
for example, costumer - K1, wants picture1, while costumer K2, wants picture2. But i want this value insted to show a picture.

My costumers is insterted into a table. And then sent to the rdlc. Th

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help about change fonts in reports so the same field in diffrent record could have diffrent font
Category : Development

First of all I found your tips very usfull, of course these tips becuas
of all years working in access. really greet site.
my Quation:
is this away to change fonts in reports so the same field in diffrent
record could have diffrent font.
lets see I have table

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I fatch the problems show diffrent diffrent location popup mozila firefox and chrome
Category : ASP & ASP.net

var element = document.getElementById(sender._element.id);
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; var bound = Sys.UI.DomElement.getBounds(element);
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; var ypos = bound.y;
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; var bodyheight = document.body.clientHeight;

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Ajax control toolkit tabcantainer -- Need to show diffrent image for eact tab in the container and also a diffrent one for Active tab
Category : ASP & ASP.net

I need to put diffrent back ground images on each tab of tab continer and another image on active Tab,I had tried with some code overriding default css but I could acheive only to ahow diffrent images for active and non active tabs but not diffrent images for each tab.I am attaching my css code h

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How to show diffrent markers images with diffrent lat and long from databse
Category : ASP & ASP.net

Hi Guys,

I am Fetching data from database.On is user lat long and one is driver lat long with the basis of lat long am showing Gmap.But here i want to show two diffrent datable data will show in Gmap with Diffrent Image marker.

How I will Do....

If any difficulties to understand

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playing diffrent mp3s in diffrent areas? of town in game
Category : Development Tools & Services
hi im making a game is it possiable in flash to make it change mp3's once you go into another zone? because id like opera for the high class town,dnb for street racers part and beats for the low class town :)
i was thining somthing like an image map but for mp3s?
is it possiable??

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How to make diffrent Orientations for diffrent tabs in tabbar application ios 6
Category : Operating Systems

Hi all I'm developing tab bar application in ios6 and what I want to achieve is for the first tab i need to support both portrait and landscape modes, when user moves to next tab screen force to landscape and it should use same. Is this possible in ios6?
Thanks in Advance

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displaying diffrent number of cell according to a diffrent cells
Category : Excel
i have column h with address number
i have column k with street name
in column iv i have an x an number or it is empty
what i want to do is press a button and it starts at iv10 read that cell if empty then read iv11 ect
when it reads x in the cell then read next witch will be a

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Acceessing attribute from diffrent classes &diffrent modules
Category : Development
Hello Python Dev.
i am new to python ...i would like to know more about how to access attribute values within different classes, different modules ....Assum we have the following
[HTML]Module 1
Class A (self):
def AX (self):
x = somestring

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Flash loading diffrent scene for diffrent page
Category : Design Software
i have this like logo thingy that drops down with sounds and displays some stuff pics what i've been doing recently etc.
the drop down part is in scene one and plays when u go to a page, is it possable to ask flash to check which page it is on and if its not on index it shud go str8 to scene 2<

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