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Can I make a dynamic XMl which looks like this?

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?><CMS> <Episode1> <partOne>1</partOne> <partTwo>1</partTwo> </Episode1> <Episode2> <partOne>0</partOne> <partTwo>0</partTwo> </Episode2> <Episode3> <partOne>0</partOne> <partTwo>0</partTwo> </Episode3></CMS>

If yes please guide as I am using Datatable as node.


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Is there a difference between 'valid xml' and 'well formed xml'?
by Robert M in ASP & ASP.net

I wasn't aware of a difference, but a coworker says there is, although he can't back it up. What's the difference if any?
XML with diffrent nodes.
by Geoff The in ASP & ASP.net

Can I make a dynamic XMl which looks like this?

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?><CMS> <Episode1> <partOne>1</partOne> <partTwo>1</partTwo> </Episode1> <Episode2> <partOne>0</partOne> <partTwo>0&
help about change fonts in reports so the same field in diffrent record could have diffrent font
by SystemOverclock in ASP & ASP.net

First of all I found your tips very usfull, of course these tips becuas
of all years working in access. really greet site.
my Quation:
is this away to change fonts in reports so the same field in diffrent
record could have diffrent font.
lets see I have table
RDLC, showing diffrent images/pictures on diffrent database values, c#
by vxnick in ASP & ASP.net

How can i show diffrent pictures based on a value in the databse in my rdlc report?
for example, costumer - K1, wants picture1, while costumer K2, wants picture2. But i want this value insted to show a picture.

My costumers is insterted into a table. And then sent to the rdlc. Th

css file doesnt load completely and is diffrent in diffrent browsers
30/11/2014 6:50 pm by cakephp in ASP & ASP.net

i have a wordpress site it is so beutiful in locall host,and i uploaded all files into the host,but fonts and the site color is different from what i seted

and a point about the loading css files; when i want to change the main color of site i see that the color that i seted before is on

playing diffrent mp3s in diffrent areas? of town in game
by Trevor Cortez in ASP & ASP.net

hi im making a game is it possiable in flash to make it change mp3's once you go into another zone? because id like opera for the high class town,dnb for street racers part and beats for the low class town :)
i was thining somthing like an image map but for mp3s?
is it possiable??
How to make diffrent Orientations for diffrent tabs in tabbar application ios 6
by Josh Freed in ASP & ASP.net

Hi all I'm developing tab bar application in ios6 and what I want to achieve is for the first tab i need to support both portrait and landscape modes, when user moves to next tab screen force to landscape and it should use same. Is this possible in ios6?
Thanks in Advance

printing the same variable in diffrent methods producing diffrent result
14/1/2015 12:20 pm by RockinZ28 in ASP & ASP.net

I was developing a simple rmi for group chat. It registers users in ArrayList correctly, but when I access the list from different method it is always empty. I have take out most of the code leaving just the println to make my question clear.

The TAGS: printing same variable diffrent methods producing

Same code, diffrent server, diffrent results - javascript
by cautionsign in ASP & ASP.net

Basically I have clicky button thats insert coded into the form area, however using the same code on diffrent server has problems.
Click the buttons they work fine...however on my other domain
Flash loading diffrent scene for diffrent page
by git in ASP & ASP.net

i have this like logo thingy that drops down with sounds and displays some stuff pics what i've been doing recently etc.
the drop down part is in scene one and plays when u go to a page, is it possable to ask flash to check which page it is on and if its not on index it shud go str8 to scene 2<

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