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Hi I wasn't sure as to where I need to post XSL related questions..Is there anyone in this group who has expertise with XSL? If anyone can help me out with an XSL related question, that would be great.


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[ubuntu] Simple Apperience Question! Skin Related ( Noob Question I guess )
by krismolendyke in ASP & ASP.net
Very noobest question... I know there is a site where you can get skins or looks for ubuntu. I have been there.. But all the skins i have downloaded need Emerald or something. Is there just a group of skins that don't need any special software or add on for it to work. A skin where I can
Question about combating contravariance. Callback-related question
by neosephiroth86 in ASP & ASP.net

I have the following piece of code which doesn't compile when I try to instance something like CommandGlobal<int> because it tries to override virtual void Execute() const =0; with a function which returns int. It gives a non-covariance error.

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question related past question on how to use not equal to for two numbers
by dormsbee in ASP & ASP.net
sir i am a student and i always want to learn more
i replied for the question -how-do-i-say-not-equal-more-than-one-number
my reply was
1> if given variable is either not equal to 1 or 2 you need to code:
if((variable !=1)||(variable!=2)) // | (just above enter key ) :is cal
WPF UI Related question
by markku in ASP & ASP.net

realy i don't know what i should title this problem, i hope to "WPF UI Related question" is accept able.
consider something like that form who you explore a class diagram in Visual Studio.
you select any class object in window and than right click on it then you select "Properties" menu

CMS related question
by Germany in ASP & ASP.net
Hey guys,
Please forgive me if this question has already been asked and answered. I searched the forums, but havent found an answer to exactly what Im wondering.
This is what I want to do, I want to make a CMS that is easily installable for the average user (using php / mysql). Now, I want
a question related to URL
by Indiana in ASP & ASP.net

Dear all,Now i have this question in my java program,I think it should be classified as URL problem,but not 100% sure.If you think I am wrong,feel free to recategorize this problem,thanks.

I would state my problem as simply as possible.
I did a search on the famouse Chinese searc

C related, but not a C question..
by Per in ASP & ASP.net
So I was recently checking out topcoder.com to see what the latest hype
is all about (as I had been listening to an interview on NPR).
Apparently its a group site where they hold programming competitions,
etc. to come up with the best solutions for a given task (that may have
dns related question
by Orkspalter in ASP & ASP.net
dns related question
hello folks, I have a simple (for you) question
when you buy a VPS you get some IPs and you have your own name servers say ns1.domain.com and ns2.domain.com
now, I mean, the 2 IPs of the dns servers are on the same VPS of your domain so this
awk related question
by Paratus in ASP & ASP.net
hey sir,
i have a question regarding how to sum and get average of records of files using awk programming
i have several output files like this
file 1
year col1 col2 col3 col4
1 0.4 0.1 0.3 0.8
1 0.3 0.2 0.
ABI related question
by Techhog in ASP & ASP.net
I apologize if the following are brain-damaged.
1. Is the ABI the document that specifies how objects, methods,
functions etc are laid out in libraries?
2. If so, if there exists a standardized ABI (such as the C ABI) does
that mean that libraries compiled for a parti
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