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Ok, after I posted my last result, it came to my attention that I did the wrong assignment. Now I am really in need of help. THis is also a double arry assignment and I need help from anyone asap..please..The instructions are as follow:

I am to make modifications to the code below. The instruction further states that when the user clicks the Get Temperatures button, the button's Click event procedure should prompt the user to enter the highest and lowest temperatures for seven days. Store the temperatures in a seven-row, two-column Integer array. The first column should contain the highest temp, and the second column should contain the lowest temp. When the user clicks the Display

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Yikes, Yikes, Triple Yikes! Never Eat Gingerbread Again
Category : Android
Yes, before I say anything, how stupid could I be? The answer is: Infinitally! Well, cutting edge leaper that I am, I excitedly upgraded to Gingerbread the same day it came out. I then suffered from all the standard Gingerbread issues, most notably, the interminably constant loading screens.

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Java Cast from Object[] to double[] array and Double[] to double[] array
Category : Coding

Is there a way to cast an Object[] array into double[] array without using any loops. And cast Double[] array to double[] array

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:yikes: delete array element?
Category : Design Software
a=new Array();
function killEmAll() {
var j=a.length;
while(j--) {
delete a[j];
way this trace outputs 3 and not 0?
this dele

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is it safe to access a complex<double> array as a double array oftwice the length?
Category : Development
Like in the following. Though it gives the expected result with
gcc4.0, is it really safe to do that?
What if its not double but some non-POD type?
#include <complex>
#include <iostream>
#include <iterator>

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Double array to double array conversion for JRI assign
Category : Programming Languages

I got a LinkedHashMap<Double, Double> meetingHistory. I want the "values" of this Map to be converted into primitives double type. Currently I have used a foreach loop to do the task of data type conversion. However, this is making overall execution much slower. I need the list

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Copy certain positions from a double array to another double array
Category : Programming Languages

So, I have one array Double[] inputx, which have 100 elements.

What I want to do is to copy into another array, let say Double[] inputxx, but only the elements situated on the positions that respect the condition: i%5 == 0 .

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Convert 64-bit double to 80-bit double in byte array form in visual studio
Category : Programming Languages

I'm looking for code that will take a 64-bit double in visual studio and convert it to a 80-bit extended (IEEE-754) double. The result should be stored in a 10 byte array (in little endian format I imagine). The reason is that I need to send the 80-bit double to a program which was written in Bor

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error: invalid types 'double*[double]' for array subscript
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to create a programme which will place all of the real numbers in an array - with the ordering of the numbers taking place in a separate function - into descending order, and print them out.

The following is the programme as I have it so far, but there are 2 issues with it,

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How to fill a double array from double values I read from a file?
Category : Programming Languages
I declared a double[] called annualIntRt earlier in my program, so other modules could access the data. The file is being read as double values, all I have to do is fill my array with them, but I am not able to figure out the code to do so. I can compile and execute my program, but I get a NullPoi

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Assigning double variables to dynamic double array
Category : Programming Languages

I tried to assign different variables value to double array in loop but the whole array has just 1 value

double *float_array;
float_array = new double [dynamic_variable]; // debugger does tell me its size
stringstream ss1(line);
string s1;
string s2 = "2.1

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