Your advice is needed! !! $ !!

:cool: After college I am now planning to take IT certifications.This would help me to get a decent job. A certification is not an easy job and the prime importance is plannig an exam.
Will any one advice me, on how should I plan for my MCSD exam 70-315?
Your advice :?: will be greatly appreciated.

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Advice very much needed...
Firstly hello! As a newbie here I do intend on making a valuable contribution to this forum so apologies for this rather directionless post!
I've built websites in the past simply with html. I have an idea for a new one but have no clue how to actually begin (so I'm wondering should I apply css?)
My idea:
It's going to be a teaching syllabus creator. Each "image" is an exercise. The user can then select a tick box for each image if desired. The ticked images will be held in a "shopping basket" untill they are happy to proceed, upon which a *.pdf file will be created with their desired images. Thus a lesson plan is born.
Advice needed. !!!
What I want to accomplish is the following:
In a complete flash site there is a members link. When the end user clicks on the 'Members' link a menu will come into view. The Menu will consist of multiple indiviuals. The end user would be able to click on any "member" and have their Bio load into a main clip. The Bio would include text and images. I would like for it to be scrollable.
If their is any confussion here is a link of something similiar if not exactly of what I want to have as a end result.
Any link clicked seems to load an external swf into the main clip.
I ha
Some advice needed.
Hi all. I'm after some advice regarding the creation of photo slideshows that can be easily updated. I'm a freelance designer and, increasingly, my clients are asking that I design & build for them sites that include a photo slideshow that they can update. Ordinarily I'd use a simple XML setup but a lot of my clients are pretty web-illiterate and they find it too complex.
I've looked at Slideshow Pro and I like it's ability to load in images from Flickr (something that's fairly idiot-proof and easy to use) but, unfortunately, it seems to be limited to just 20 images.
Can anybody help me and point me in the direction of an answer? I should say my actionscript skills are only j
Advice needed. -!
I'm an experienced PHP programming and I have some knowledge of AS3 but I feel that some things that I'm doing are a bad practice. I believe this based on proper structure of other languages.
I find myself using the document class kinda of like my main loop. In that, I contain all of my processes inside of it. I don't know too much about AS3 OOP, but it seems like this is bad practice (even in simple applications). I know in PHP OOP you would include your classes, then just do your processes in the main file using those classes and its methods. I assume the AS3 equivalent for the 'main file', would be the stage?
Links to tutorials explaining the dos and don'ts o
Little advice needed !! $ !!

I'm doing a project and would like to hear your opinions.
I want to make Integrated library system and I want to have these folders

1. classes - where all classes will be stored
2. templates - where all templates will be stored
3. admin - where admin files will reside

Now is that a good organisation? if not what would you suggest? Also is MVC a good way to go for such project? If yes any good link that teaches from practical perspective? and Last one is it good to make database singleton or make it base class that all other classes that will access database extends?

Thanks buddies!

Some advice needed...

Yes, this is homework. This is my first course in programming and I am having a problem translating what I know I need to do into code.

I basically need to write a progam that reads a person's name in the following format: first name, then middle name or initial, and then last name. The program then outputs the name in the follow format:

last name, first name middle name.

Seems simple enough... I got that part, but...

The program should allow for users to not give a middle name or initial.

I've attempted this numerous time. I'm figuring that I can create separate functions that either takes in 2 or 3 variables but so far my program does not wo

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