Your advice is needed! !! $ !!


:cool: After college I am now planning to take IT certifications.This would help me to get a decent job. A certification is not an easy job and the prime importance is plannig an exam.
Will any one advice me, on how should I plan for my MCSD exam 70-315?
Your advice :?: will be greatly appreciated.

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Java, listener advice, swing comp's advice needed :(
by Mai72 in ASP &

my problem is, where is says "triangle.addActionListener(new ShapeAction());" in my code there is a error that says ShapeAction symbol is not found, what am i doing wrong here? and could someone look at my If statement, its ment to do: once a menu item is clicked it creates a instance of that sha

Is a new table needed? Advice needed
by Jouni in ASP &
I have a table that I'm not really happy with. At the moment it contains fields both of totals and averages
Example: % fish and average fish
Do you think a should just create 2 tables, one for totals and one for averages? Or is quite fine the way it is?
Just trying to think of
Advice needed on GTR
by brennen in ASP &
Advice needed on GTR
could not seem to get anything from the singapore GTR club.
would like to ask for advice here.
I am noob on this car but i do know there is differences between every model year.
1. i heard that a 2008 model at stage 2 can already make up
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Advice / Help needed :)
by john in ASP &
Advice / Help needed :)
Hello my fellow WHT'ers. I need some assistance. Im looking to open my new host, but really im looking for a reseller that would include WHMCS or Blesta (Pref) included.
Whats your idea's on the best and best value guys?

Advice needed for mbp vs mba
by ziqew in ASP &
Advice needed for mbp vs mba
Hi guys,
im in a dilemma whether to buy mbp or mba right now. Currently im using my late 2010 13' mba(1.86ghz C2D,4gb ram), im very satisfied with it and really love the sleek design and portability, however lately i start to feel that it
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RAM advice needed
by Edo in ASP &
RAM advice needed
Kingston PC12800/1600mhz DDR3 CL11 value ram 4GB x 2 @ $76
Corsair Vengeance LP 1600mhz (4GB x 2) CL9 @75
My rig is an i5-3470 with Asrock B75 Pro 3M mobo.
The above 2 RAM kits have almost the same price so I'm quite lost as to which to ge
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Serious Help and Advice Needed.
by in ASP &
Hello folks, Im going to cut straight to the point...
I purchased a website from someone that sells clothing. The way the clothing is supplied is through another larger website, but any items it sends are sent in brandless packaging so you wouldnt know what site its from.
So the site I buy
Your advice is needed..
by hovergirl in ASP &
I am producing a table through php that displays a list of items and their prices and date.. I have a drop down box that will allow the user to select if they want the results displayed in price or date order.. I want this to be selected after the results have been printed to screen. T
Advice needed :: !! $ !!
by Raphaël Slinckx in ASP &
I think I have a decent grasp of C++ (by the book I have, Sams Teach Yourself C++ in One Hour a Day) - currently I am on STL options/usage. While I grasp alot of the "how-to-use", I can't seem to wrap my head around putting it all into a functional idea.
Could someone suggest a nex
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Help! Advice needed :/
by WicKeD in ASP &
Help! Advice needed :/
I'm having a big dilemma right now. I was accepted for SIT Aerospace System and NTU EEE. I really didn't know which to choose. Of course most people would say NTU EEE because it's more recognised than SIT.
But I'm leaning a little more towards
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