Zedgraph auto scale

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I want to make a graphic of certain data in my program. The problem is that the zedgraph doesn't zoom out to see the dots or lines in the graphic. This is my code:

Sub llenar_graph(ByVal zgc As ZedGraphControl) Dim myPane As GraphPane = zgc.GraphPane myPane.Title.Text = "Algoritmo Genético" myPane.XAxis.Title.Text = "Generación" myPane.YAxis.Title.Text = "Fx" Dim list1 As New PointPairList() For i = 0 To ngen list1.Add(i, promediofx(i)) Next i Dim myCurve As LineItem = myPane.AddCurve("Mejor individuo", _ list1, Color.Red, SymbolType.Default) myCurve.Li

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ZedGraph scale all messed up
Category : Programming Languages

Using ZedGraph to show a price over time. Here are screenshots of my table (sample) and of what the ZedGraph is looking like. Clearly I'm doing something wrong when setting up my graph. Any ideas?



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Y-axis scale with ZedGraph
Category : Programming Languages

I don't understand this axis scaling. I'm able to set the max/min by
changing GraphPane.Y2Axis.Scale.Min/Max.

However, this decouples the bars from the scale. The bars are at the exact same place as before, even though the scale change. So obviously, they are not re

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ZedGraph: Changing behavior of Set Scale to Default
Category : Programming Languages

I have plotted few graphs using ZedGraphs. Now, i have an option that user can plot some graphs using different check boxes a can remove them as well. But, i am not scaling the graph when user makes those graphs as i don't want to change the look of the graphs.

Now, if the user zooms

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How to scroll axis scale outside the graph of Zedgraph using the mouse event
Category : Programming Languages

Is it possible that the axis scale outside the graph could be scale using the mouse event "mouse_down and hold" and move up or down in y-axis the same with the x-axis move left or right? ex. when I trigger MouseDownEvent and hold the x-axis scale 0.6 or at the space along with that scale and move

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How to edit and set the Zedgraph scale limits using mouse based events?
Category : Programming Languages

I want to set the Zedgraph scale limits from the user interface level using mouse based events, with the help of following code I could change the scale values pro-grammatically,

GraphPane myPane = zedGraphControl1.GraphPane;

// Set Min &

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How to auto clear temp directory for zedgraph images?
Category : Programming Languages

We use zedgraph webcontrols for charting in our asp.net (vb) web app. the temp directory for generated images fills up and now has reached 2GB+.

Is there a way to automatically clear this directory or do I have to implement a nasty HttpContext.Cache expired callback hack

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No me funciona el ZedGraph. I can't make the ZedGraph works.
Category : ASP & ASP.net


Hi, I'm working with VWD 2008 and I have been trying lots of times to add the library ZedGraph.dll to work and to create the object ZedGraphControl, but it appears in soft grey color in the ToolBox and I can't use it!

 I tryed with different

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Chart Auto scale - lock X and Y scale together
Category : Excel
I've has a look at a lot of the posts here but, well, basically I'm out of my league when it comes to VBA.
I have made a "Cartesian Plane" from XY Scatter and everything works perfectly......except......
If I turn off Autoscale (and give manual scales), I can make all th

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Line not visible in zedgraph - How to create overlapping filled line graphs using zedgraph such that all the curves and their fills are visible?
Category : Programming Languages

I am creating a line graph using zedgraph which contains multiple lines and all of them are filled with labels displaying the data points. There are times when one of the lines is not visible at all but only the data point labels for that line are visible. I think this happens when the data is su

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[RESOLVED] Auto Scale
Category : Web Development
On my page the body seams like it's auto scaleing after what resolution, and than i screws up abit the background picture.
And i also wan't my background to not repeat.
How do i fix these problems?

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