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i need help on a program that uses zenos series
which calculates the sum of the first N terms of Zenos series, where N is what the user inputs. it should be a number 1 and 15 (inclusive).
program should print n terms of the series seperated by + and followed = sign < followed by value of the sum

Print num between 1-15: 1
im kinda stuck on this program , im not sure about the formula to use can someone help?

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When I use chart with two series and the second one with values higher than first one (y), the extjs always take the y values from first series How can I fix this without switching between series?

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Converting application developed in Series 60 to series 40 and series 80 phones
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Guys i have a quick question. i have developed an application using the series 60 SDK. Now in order to increase the range i want to convert this application for series 40 and series 80. I tried my application series 40 phone that is Nokia 6233 it did not work.
so my question is how much differe

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WTS Transformers Toys (Masterpiece, TF series, AM series, TA series )
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WTS Transformers Toys and SD Gundams
I have the following items for sale. Too many toys @ home and awaiting for new owners.
All items are brand new and never open before. See to believe it.
1. MP-04S Japan Version - $400
2. MP-01B - $180

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I am trying to use the acharengine and create a bar graph. The graph is to display durations of builds. ranging from 10s to 50s, and some builds succeeded and some failed, i want to change colors of the failed ones to red and succeeded one red.
I separated the data into 2 separate array but

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Corsair Force Series GT CSSD vs SAMSUNG 830 Series MZ-7PC128B/WW 128GB
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Hi Guys,
I'm stuck between these two SSDs. The Corsair seems to have better stats than the Samsung, but the Tom's Hardware Guides seem to put the Samsung 3 levels higher at level 3, vs Corsair 120GB at level 6.
They're both o

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Route Tool in Series 40 Emulator Platform (Nokia SDK 1.0 for Java Series 40)
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Hello All,
I am trying to simulate GPS locational information through an external file [ either nmea log file or xml file containing latitude/longitude locational data ] and use that to be read by the emulator platform from my IDE running Nokia SDK 1.0 for Java (Series 40).
Trying to acco

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buying 12GB SSD: Corsair Nova Series or Kingston SSDNow V-Series?
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I want to buy an SSD drive for my laptop and I am wondering which one of these two I should go with, the Corsair Nova Series or Kingston SSDNow V-Series.
I can buy any other brand as long as the price is in the same range (200-230 USD).

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Data series order in line chart plots series 2 incorrectly
Category : Excel
When I plot this data in a line chart, the second series gets plotted incorrectly vs the y axes.
date 1st series 2nd series
1/1/2015 10 1
1/2/2015 11 2
1/3/2015 12 3
1/4/2015 13 4
1/5/2015 14 5
1/6/2015 15 6
1/7/2015 16 7
1/8/2015 17 8
1/9/2015 1

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plotting multiple time series, with single date series and with py_date()
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However, I want to plot more than a single time series for the same set of dates. My data looks something like this:

Date (X) Y1 Y2

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.net chart control: retain series colors when adding and removing other series?
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When adding and removing series from a .net chart control (line chart), how can I retain the existing series colors?

Currently, when I add several series to a chart, they all get colors assigned automatically from the chart palette. But if I then remove the first series, the colors o

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