Zeroing bits

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Is this the proper way to zero the first 12 bits of an address?

void *ans = (void*)((unsigned long)addr & ((0UL - 1) ^ 0xfff));

Where addr is any user process memory address..

Note this method works...I just want to know if there is a better way

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Confusion over bits! OS bits, IE bits, Adobe bits.....please confirm.?
Category : Design Software

I am working  on a 64 bit WIN 7 Home Premium OS and I have both IE9 64 bit & IE9 (32bit) showing in my Start Menu,  a Flash Player 32 bit icon in my Control Panel, and last but not least, Adobe Flash Player verification shows Win 7 64 bit current 15.5 Player.

How do I figure o

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how to change system's COM Port settings( Bits,Data bits,Parity,Stop bits and flow control) by code in wpf?
Category : Programming Languages
public partial class MainWindow : Window
public MainWindow()
SerialPort MySerialPort = new SerialPort();
txt_1.Text = MySerialPort.BaudRate.ToString();

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a) If the address bus going to program memory is of 15 bits than the address bus of stack will be 12 bits 13 bits 14 bits 15 bits
Category : Programming Languages
a) If the address bus going to program memory is of 15 bits than the address bus of stack will be12 bits13 bits14 bits15 bits

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Why could happen that I can connect to Oracle 10g DB 32 bits but not to 11g DB 64 bits from a 64 bits Forms Server?
Category : Programming Languages

I have just started using WebLogic and the new FORMS and REPORTS Server and builders (11gR2).

I'm using an Oracle 11g R2 64 Bits DB. In the Forms Builder I can open the form an compile it without any problem.

But once I tried to open the form through the browser, it asked

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How to install debugging tools for windows 32 bits side by side with 64 bits on a 64 bits OS?
Category : Operating Systems

I have a 64 bits Windows 2008R2 VM, where I installed Debugging tools for Windows 64 bits from the SDK. Now I wish to install the 32 bits and even downloaded the respective ISO - GRMSDK_EN_DVD.iso from

However, the damn thin

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Java 32 Bits with PAE Kernel + SO 32 bits and CPF 64 Bits
Category : Programming Languages

I'm facing a problem in my application using JBOSS 4.2.3GA. We have approximately 20 users online and is usual the cpu run to 95%, 99%. We search for problem in application using jmeter and other tests and we don't find a point or loop that can be causing this problem.

We have an his

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[b]Zeroing out the Zero[/b]
Category : Excel
Can anyone help save this working man's wallet? :help:
I have two sets of monthly expense figures, budgeted (A1) and actual (B1). In C1 I have =IF(A1=0,0,B1/A1) to calculate how much in % the actual is over or under the budget without having a #DIV/0! if the budgeted is zero.
But if bot

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zeroing MBR
Category : Development Tools & Services
zeroing MBR
  dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=446 count=1

Will this target the USB-attached HDD, and NOT target the local drive?

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Using a timer control in sending 16 bits data packet in 8 bits interval
Category : VB & VBnet
How can I use timer control to send 8 bits data packet each upto 16 bits throught serial comm port

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Convert byte (java data type) value to bits (a string containing only 8 bits)
Category : Programming Languages

I need to convert a value declared as a byte data type into a string of 8 bits. Is there any Java library method that can do this? For example, it should take in -128 and output "10000000". Also, input -3 should give "11111101". (I converted these by hand.)

Before you assume this has

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