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Hello, I'm just starting to use PHP after years of working with ASP, so pardon me if this sounds like a very basic question, but how do I get PHP to acknowledge zero (0) in a form field. Whenever the user enters "zero" and hits submit on the PHP form, it totally ignores the zero.

I am inserting the value into a MYSQL database and I initially thought I was setting my field type wrong, but running the SQL command with zero through PHPAdmin inserts the zero without any problem. I then echo'ed the formfield and found that it wasn't posting the zero at all--

echo $_POST[$stepnow]; yeilds nothing
echo "$_POST[$stepnow]"; yeilds nothing

I've also tried all the c

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Also i have created a database with tables for each of this forms

Pls help i

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Constraints interface for Custom Dialog fields similar to Form Fields upon CQ form submission
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Hello Team,



I have a requirement where inside CQ form start and end, I have dragged a custom component which is having 3 fields for login lets say user name, pas

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I need to create forms (contracts or proposals) for salesmen fill in form fields and then protect all content from additional changes prior to sending to customer.


Is this possible?

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Please consider the following situation.
On the form I have a box for both the ID and the name. I know them by name rather than ID, so when I type 'Bob' I want the form to autofill '1' into the customer_ID

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funtion hide/show form fields based on select box (for multiple fields if possible)
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Would like to show a text field based on the users selection of an previous select field
Heres what I have so far
In the head
<script type="text/javaScript">

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Django Newbie - With a multiple fields form, how do I eliminate empty fields within the queryset
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jQuery Drag and Drop fields to a webform and submit form with fields position - Possible?
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