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hello how do i open zip and rar files with c ? which lib do u recommend ? is there any one lib that does both zip n rar ?

im basically trying to open zip and rar files which contain pics and retrieve a string array of all the names of the pics ignoring any folder names

some example source code would be greatly appreciated too thanks in advance

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How do I get 'rar' package ?
by chaoyi in C & C++ & C#

Hi all .. I recently installed another Ubuntu after a long time and I'm trying to install 'rar' package on it as I use that for compression from within Terminal.
'rar' isn't found when I do
TAGS: package

Support cannot read ''
by Andrew in C & C++ & C#

Okay, so I lost my patience waiting for the OTA update to 4.4 and decided to try and add it manually. I followed all the steps up to the part when you type "adb sideload <filename>." into the command prompt.
When I put it into the command prompt, *cannot read '' *
Undesired directory structure using Info-Zip's 'Zip' function in VB6
by eskimospy in C & C++ & C#

Hi. I have just downloaded infozip for integration with some of our vb6 software. I got it working however, when I check the zip folder, I see that a directory structure has been created for each path contained in the filenames. E.g., I have a list of files as follows:
C:TempMessage.txt TAGS: Undesired directory structure using Info function

Could not install Gradle distribution from ''
14/12/2014 7:20 am by Dennis in C & C++ & C#

I am a greenhorn in gradle and i just tried to create a new Android Gradle Project in IntelliJ. After filling up the necessities it started to download something which took hours so i decided to force quit my IDE and open the project again.

And now I am getting this: TAGS: Could install Gradle distribution from https

Importing files/ opening files in files/ adding files into scenes.
by mvonballmo in C & C++ & C#

Alright Here is the deal.
I got some movies, which are seperate FLA. files, and I want to eventually add all these 4 seperate files, into scenes in one main FLA. file. How do I do this so that I have the symbols ect. I am pretty sure you can't just copy/paste.
Which FLASH** guru out th
Excel macro to change location of .cub files used by pivot tables? (to allow .xls files that depend on .cub files to be moved)
by dlock13 in C & C++ & C#

I often use Excel with pivot tables based on .cub files for OLAP-type analysis. This is great except when you want to move the xls and you realise internally it's got a non-relative reference to the location of the .cub file. How can we cope with this - ie make it convenient to move around xls fi

How do I make Kate indent with spaces on Python files but use tabs for text files and other files?
12/1/2015 7:06 am by Nothingness in C & C++ & C#

My goal is to set Kate up to work properly on Python files but to use different settings (tabs not spaces) on other documents. I'm sure others are doing this, but I can't figure out a convenient solution. I appreciate any advice.

Kate has settings for indentation here:

  1. Click
i can only see my files after unhiding hidden files and also protected system files and folder in Control Panel
by RDongre in C & C++ & C#

I can only see my personal files after I unhide the hidden files and also protected system files and folder in Control Panel, I am not able to make them visible permanently, please help...
when i copy files in pendrive or memory card those files become shortcut and showing 1 kb and those files are not opening
by YooperDave in C & C++ & C#

please sir as i copy files in pendrive or memory card they become shortcut files and they are not deleting

VB script + read files (only files with “log” name) and copy content files into one file.txt
by Javier Pitalua in C & C++ & C#

I have the following different files under C:logs3


how to create with VB script , relevant code that create one file called:


this VB script need to read all files content

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