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I am testing a program that I am trying to run and having some difficulties with it. If you run this program I am able to compille it fine but will not return anything and stalls on me...Here are the instructions.....

There are 25 digits split into five groups of five digits each...

10100 10100 01010 11000 01001

Next, consider each group fo five digits. Each digit stands for a number. From left to right the digits encode the values 7,4,2,1,0. Multilply the value with the digit and compute the sum to get the final encoded digit for the zip code....

Here is an example table
bar code digit 1

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I'm having trouble with my program crashing. I get that "Program.exe has stopped working" windows pop-up which mentions my exception code is c0000005. When I return to the output from the application in Qt, it shows:

C:UsersMeDesktopprojectproject-build-desktopdebugproject.exe exit
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Library/API/program for converting Flash code into html5 code
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What library/API or even a program for converting flash code into html 5 code automatically do you recommend me?
thank you very much

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