zip file upload !

Douglas Stockwell


Can anybody guide me to solve this proble. I have to upload the zip file to the webserver. The php script should read the name of the zipfile and print it and also it should read the name of the text files that are zipped and the contents in the text file.

Also is there anyway to zip the files and make it available for downlaod using the php

Thanks in advance.

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Support cannot read ''
by Andrew in PHP

Okay, so I lost my patience waiting for the OTA update to 4.4 and decided to try and add it manually. I followed all the steps up to the part when you type "adb sideload <filename>." into the command prompt.
When I put it into the command prompt, *cannot read '' *
Undesired directory structure using Info-Zip's 'Zip' function in VB6
by eskimospy in PHP

Hi. I have just downloaded infozip for integration with some of our vb6 software. I got it working however, when I check the zip folder, I see that a directory structure has been created for each path contained in the filenames. E.g., I have a list of files as follows:
C:TempMessage.txt TAGS: Undesired directory structure using Info function

async file upload in ajax control toolkit does not support multiple file upload to select multiple file in single browse click?
by wafe in PHP

protected void AsyncFile_sample_UploadedComplete(object sender, AsyncFileUploadEventArgs e)
HttpFileCollection postedfile = Request.Files;
for (int i = 0; i < postedfile.Count; i++)
HttpPostedFile pf = pos

Answered-Blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload plugin upload success view file using Codeigniter is text and not an HTML webpage, why?
by Sunny Dhillon in PHP

I've succeeded in uploading files to folders on my server using codeigniter along with the Blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload plugin. However, I'm having trouble with the form action="/upload/success" and displaying the actual "success.php" view file that one would see after succesfully uploading some fi

File upload using HTML type=file in JSP and executing some checks in javascript before upload…
by svn in PHP

currently we have this code to upload file

<input id='fileBrowse' type='file' style="width:187px;height:20px" class='fileBrowse' onchange="onBrowseFile( this );" />

and the javascript function which does some checks is as follows:

Rails 4, multiple file upload on AWS S3 using jQuery-File-Upload using minimum amount of resources
15/11/2014 11:00 pm by Bjørn Lyngwa in PHP

I know that the topic of uploading files with rails is a quite frequent one on SO, but I am asking myself some questions to which I couldn't find answers. I try to allow the users of my app to upload multiple files with the very polished jQuery-File-Upload (JQFU for the rest of the post) and stor

Blueimp jQuery File Upload plugin - "Empty file upload" result PHP
20/1/2015 3:50 am by dfrolov in PHP

Here's the plugin:

I'm having a problem getting the response I want from the plugin after uploading a file.

On the page with the plugin, I have the following

how does facebook upload a photo when a user selects a file in the upload file dialog?
by Paratus in PHP

When you update your profile picture on facebook, after selecting 'upload picture', the upload file dialog opens. Once you select a file in the dialog, your profile picture is then updated.

Using jquery I've been able to trigger the click event on a hidden file input to open the upl

How to Set Owner/Group And File Permision if i am using Apache Commons Upload to upload file
by GunnarHafdal in PHP

Please if any body know how to set the file permisions and as well as owner/group ,

i am using Apache Commons Upload to upload files on the linux server

Thank you...!!!

Upload file from command line :> file=x.x & dirUp=/temp
by Nick Durcholz in PHP

I try to upload a file from command line like this:
" file=x.x & dirUp=/temp"
for an vb application, where I have a button and 2 parameters, witch are the file and the directory where im gonna put the file on the server
I dont know h

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