Zipf law

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i need a c programme that reads a txt that you chosse then count the number of each word in the programme i have e.g.
"hello this word is very funny this is not"
hello 1
this 2
word 1
is 2
very 1
funny 1
not 1
i would love if anyone could help me with logic or real code ty guys

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Drawing the Zipf distribution
Category : Programming Languages

I have a dataset with zipf law distribution, and now i want compare it with standard zipf diagram, this is my R code:

f <- read.table('/myfile.txt',sep=' ',header=T)
fs <- f[order(cnt), ]
n = 1:dim(fs)[1]

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Zipf test in Python
Category : Development
I have hospital data for 5 groups of hospitals. Each
group of hospitals used a different tool to register
medical procedures. Since the medical procedures are
probably Zipf distributed, I want to formally test
whether the hospitals differ in terms of

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Generate random numbers distributed by Zipf
Category : Coding

The Zipf probability distribution is often used to model file size distribution or item access distributions on items in P2P systems. e.g. "Web Caching and Zip like Distribution Evidence and Implications", but neither Boost or the GSL (Gnu Scientific Library) provide an implementation to generate

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code to generate numbers with zipf distribution
Category : Programming Languages
Dear all,
I am looking for a function that can generate a serial of random numbers which follows the zipf distribution with a given mean. The only thing that I can find now is with a given parameter of alpha (an exponent characterizing the distribution). Does anyone know if there is a library p

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curve fitting zipf distribution matplotlib python
Category : Programming Languages

I tried to fit the following plot(red dot) with zipf distribution in python, F~x^(-a)
I just simply chose a=0.56, and plot y = x^(-0.56) and I got the curve as follow:
which is obviously wrong, don't know how I can do the curve fit

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