zip or rar a folder to download



I have a folder with full of files. Instead of downloading files one by one, how can I zip or rar that folder to download?

Thanks in advance

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Download a zip folder from a remote server and unzip folder from a silverlight application
by billputer in PHP

How can i download a zipped folder from a remote server and unzip the entire files in the folder and store them in isolated storage space from a silver light 3 or 4 out of browser application. Any suggestion please

Download nested Folder & Files Using HtmlUnit in Java, to go in I can go inside folder by Double click. Please Help me
2/12/2014 1:30 pm by chintown in PHP

This code Makes an Download using HtmlUnit and Folder & File Structure. This code Contains login which you can Ignore & then the method creates the folder and files. This folder & Files must be structural and If you have another code then you could help me. to dwonload with file and

How do I move pics from the All Download folder to the Camera Shots folder?
by Andrew L. in PHP
I got a number of pics via email and they were saved to the All Downloads folder and I need to move them to the Camera shots folder. Can someone tell me how to do this without hooking up to a computer?
Get the Windows Download folder's path (Download shell folder) in a batch-file
13/12/2014 3:10 pm by Andreas in PHP

How do I get the Windows Download Shell Folder in a variable?

According to this. I tried:

@echo off

FOR /F "usebackq" %%f IN (`PowerShell -NoProfile -Command
Support New android 4.3 constant download notification for pictures in 'download' folder
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Hi all, i am a first time poster.
My phone has recently prompted me to download the latest version of android 4.3, which i did. So far, it actually looks pretty good. Im not really an expert, and i dont know many of the new features are, but it looks nice.
Only problem is, in the noti
How to download from Nexus a folder of artifacts (mass download)?
by luger in PHP

I want to move a set of artifacts from one Nexus to other (download and later upload). I just can download the artifacts one by one, ¿Is there any way to download the entire folder? ¿Is there any other kind of operation like export/import?



I hav

htaccess redirect folder to another folder (download)
by semicolonth in PHP

How do i redirect with .htaccess 1/category/



NOTE: folder 1 contain space between

Thank you

Support download folder vs download icon
by DigDog in PHP
If you click on my wife's download icon it comes up with "no downloads" but if you go into the actual download folder with a file viewer all the downloads are there. Anybody else having this occur? Can somebody verify there icon's function for me? Thanks

which folder of live website should i sink with www folder of my local server using filezilla? Also how to download database on my local machine?
19/11/2014 2:40 pm by darko.topolsek in PHP

i want a live site to be on local host and without effecting any functionality of live magento site. i have tried many way of doing that but have not get any result from it.

steps i tried are : 1. taken database from magento live site by entering into cpanel(by ftp access) > phpmyadmin >

How to download from a folder in c#
by Kapishin in PHP
I would like to download a document that i have uploaded in a folder under my project in visual c#. When running the project the uploaded documents must be available for download(Even if i upload when its running there must be some changes on the screen of downloads)
The upload part is working,
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