Zlib based buffer compression

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I am trying to use the zlib based compression for buffer compression. In this case, I am using compress2 function.

compression_success=compress2((Bytef*)compressed_buffer, &compressed_size,(const Bytef*)package_data.pData, (uLongf)orig_size, 1);

And for decompression I am using uncompress function.

uncompress_success=uncompress((Bytef*)destination, &UnCompSize, (const Bytef*)package_data.pData, package_data.cbData);

The problem is that the system tend to be very slow. I have heard that the other functionalities of the zlib compression library like inflate and deflate can be very useful.


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I'm compressing a data structure that has many fields. Which is a better approach, to use gzwrite to compress and write to file each of the fields, or write all of the fields to a buffer and compress that?

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Does anyone know how to use the Zlib compression library for Series 60 2.0? I've peeped at the various header files, such as ezcompressor.h etc, but they are way too difficult to understand for me.
What I want to do is compress a file.
Thanks for any help.

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compression without zlib
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My host doesnt provide zlib ext. to php. Is there another possibility
for making compressed files on the server, which i can send in a
mail() script for instance?
Jul 17 05 #1 Post Reply Share this Que

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Is there any other prgrams to do it with?
the files are :

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I have a lil problem. I've installed a cms (websitebaker) and i cant install any modules or templates because my hosting company doesnt have zlib activated.
my question is what are the steps i should send to the hosting company on how to turn on / activate zlib (they dont know how to). They are

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Zlib compression !! $ !!
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I want to use zlib to compress data that i'm sending to a website to make my program go faster. How do i do this? I've looked on google, but didn't find any tutorials or source to look at. Thanks for your help

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ZLIB compression
Category : Programming Languages

I'm working on a project wherein if something goes wrong on my disk I'll send chunks of memory to another disk after compressing it using ZLIB. This dump then I plan to download and use for further debugging. This compression and uploading is to be done one chunk at a time - say 1024 K.

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Compression problems, zlib?
Category : Programming Languages

I've been googling for long time already, and I still dont know how to use zlib. Could someone just give exact instructions what I have to do to use it? (MS Visual C++ 2010 on Win7 32). Please not the DLL version.
Thanks in advance!

In case someone finds this with

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