zlib+inavalid code length

Igor Carron
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I am trying to inflate using zlib. The data is from a network packet contaning only unsigned charecters in QP encoded form eg,
After reading the file I have stored the data in an array

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zlib+inavalid code length
by Igor Carron in C & C++ & C#

I am trying to inflate using zlib. The data is from a network packet contaning only unsigned charecters in QP encoded form eg,

zlib lz77 sliding window and max match length
2/1/2015 4:00 pm by demetris in C & C++ & C#

I'm trying to find two parameters (sliding window size and max match length) in the LZ77 algorithm (source code: http://www.zlib.net/) in order to analyse different levels of compression. At first, I found the CHUNK value in zpipe.c to be the max

Can zlib.crc32 or zlib.adler32 be safely used to mask primary keys in URLs?
by zz64 in C & C++ & C#

In Django Design Patterns, the author recommends using zlib.crc32 to mask primary keys in URLs. After some quick testing, I noticed that crc32 produces negative integers about half the time, which seems undesirable for use in a URL. zlib.adler32 does not appear to produce negatives, but is descri

How can I compress data using Zlib, without directly using zlib.dylib?
by Alatar in C & C++ & C#

Is there a class that allows compressing data using Zlib, or is using zlib.dylib directly the only possibility I have?

import zlib ImportError: No module named zlib
by RDongre in C & C++ & C#
# pythonbrew venv create django1.5
Creating `django1.5` environment into /usr/local/pythonbrew/venvs/Python-2.7.3
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/local/pythonbrew/etc/virtualenv/virtualenv.py", line 19, in <module>
import zlib
ImportError: No module
Zlib compression in boost::iostreams not compatible with zlib.NET
by golazo in C & C++ & C#

I want to send compressed data between my C# to a C++ application in ZLIB format. In C++, I use the zlib_compressor/zlib_decompressor available in boost::iostreams. In C#, I am currently using the ZOutputStream available in the zlib.NET library. First of all, when I compress the same data using b

MFC source code using ZLIB
by Munir in C & C++ & C#
Does anybody have any sample MFC code that uses ZLib compression library to compress and decompress files?
Thanks, Shilpi
zlib source code
by NikolaeVarius in C & C++ & C#
I am trying to understand zlib source code.But I am facing so many problemn.
1. In the file "deflate.c " also in other file data type "z_streamp" is used but could not under stand this.Please help me to understand .
2. In deflate.c file I get code
local void fill
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zlib for podofo - Cannot find zlib library
by ChaseVoid in C & C++ & C#

I'm trying to install podofo (pdf library) for use with MingW in Windows XP. It requires zlib.
I'm using CMAKE to generate the makefile.
For some reason, CMAKE, no matter how many times i redirect the ZLIB_LIBRARY to the zlib directory an error in CMAKE occurs telling me that it can't

error LNK2019 for ZLib sample code compiling
by Denmark in C & C++ & C#

I created win32 console application in vs2010 (without select the option of precompiled header). And I inserted the code below. but *.obj link failed. Could you provide me more information about the error. I searched MSDN, but still can't understand it.

#include <stdio.h>
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