zlib linking errors

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Okay so i am trying to make it so i can unzip files using c++ and found a library called zlib i built all .sln file in the folder contrib/vstudio they all compiled succesfully but when i try to get this example to work

/* unzips testfile.txt from C: emp est.zip and puts it in a string*/#define ZLIB_WINAPI // dont know if i need this or not#include <cstdio>#include <string>#include <iostream>#include "unzip.h" // MiniZip library#define WRITEBUFFERSIZE (5242880) // 5Mb bufferusing namespace std;string readZipFile(string zipFile, string fileInZip) { int err = UNZ_OK; // error status uInt size_buf = WRI

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Need help linking with zlib.
Category : Development
Hi everyone. Im a noob to c++ (I only know basics such as interpreting the code and syntax rules, but I havent done a major successful program yet.). Im having trouble in the link phase. The function compress2 compiles fine but then I get the linker error undifined reference to compress2, which is d

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Linking with libpng & zlib?
Category : Web Design

I'm trying to compile a project that uses both libjpeg and libpng. I know that libpng needs zlib, so I compiled all the three independently and put them (libjpeg.a, libpng.a and libz.a) on a folder called linrel32. What I execude then is:

g++ -Llinrel32/ program.cpp

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Why am I getting error LNK2001 when linking to zlib.lib?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm working on a project that already contains the gzip library as follows:


I would like to use the gzip functions from this .lib but am getting the following errors:


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zLib linking error XCode 4, undefined symbols
Category : Programming Languages

link err:

Undefined symbols for architecture i386: "_unzOpen", referenced from:

I have a libz.dylib in my xcode project (Build Phases/Link binaries with library)
also can see -lz link flag

Ld Debug/DemoOSX_d.app/Contents/MacOS/DemoOSX_d nor

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[RESOLVED] Problems linking... (trying to use boost::iostreams & zlib)
Category : Programming Languages
I have zlib.lib in my LIB path and included the zlib.h and zconf.h. I also included libboost_iostreams-vc90-mt-1_36.lib.
I can call the stuff in zlib.dll from my program!
But when I try to use boost::iostreams and filters, I get all these linker errors!
Any clue what is wrong? Did I b

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zlib 1.1.4-r2 compile errors
Category : Linux
alright.. here goes.. i decided to do an emerge -Uu world on my gentoo system and when it tries to compile the first program it gives the following output/errors:
Checking for shared library s

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Can zlib.crc32 or zlib.adler32 be safely used to mask primary keys in URLs?
Category : Programming Languages

In Django Design Patterns, the author recommends using zlib.crc32 to mask primary keys in URLs. After some quick testing, I noticed that crc32 produces negative integers about half the time, which seems undesirable for use in a URL. zlib.adler32 does not appear to produce negatives, but is descri

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Zlib compression in boost::iostreams not compatible with zlib.NET
Category : Programming Languages

I want to send compressed data between my C# to a C++ application in ZLIB format. In C++, I use the zlib_compressor/zlib_decompressor available in boost::iostreams. In C#, I am currently using the ZOutputStream available in the zlib.NET library. First of all, when I compress the same data using b

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How can I compress data using Zlib, without directly using zlib.dylib?
Category : Programming Languages

Is there a class that allows compressing data using Zlib, or is using zlib.dylib directly the only possibility I have?

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import zlib ImportError: No module named zlib
Category : Web Design
# pythonbrew venv create django1.5
Creating `django1.5` environment into /usr/local/pythonbrew/venvs/Python-2.7.3
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/local/pythonbrew/etc/virtualenv/virtualenv.py", line 19, in <module>
import zlib
ImportError: No module

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