Zoom in WebKit wrapper

Category : VB & VBnet

Hi everybody,
I'd like to know if there is a way to zoom a page in the webkitbrowser control in vb net.
Thanks in advance.

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Webkit iPhone App : How to dynamically change the user zoom (or scale, pich & zoom) in the viewport?
Category : Web Design

I use JQTouch for an iPhone app. JQtouch disable by default the possibility to pinch&zoom the page.
For one page (containing a big image), i need to enable the pinch & zoom feature.
This is easy :

var viewport = $("head meta[name=viewport]");

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activate Caching in Webkit .NET Wrapper
Category : Programming Languages

I'm using .NET Wrapper in Visual Studio 2008.
If I start my own Browser, everything runs well (he shows the desired URL). But regarding the fact, that my Browser only shows one window (not several tabs) but actually loads everytime the same webpage, I see a too long start-up time. I suggest

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Webkit Wrapper for Desktop Apps
Category : Web Design

I have a desktop app based on HTML/JS that needs WebKit to function at a reasonable speed. Normally, I would live with IE behaving badly, but its JS engine is just too slow.

I would normally go to Appcelerator for this, but it seems they have discontinued their desktop SDK and left it

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Headless webkit wrapper/driver no install for .net
Category : Software

I'm looking for an embedded headless browser for .net with the following properties:

Modern Webkit level of Ajax/HTML5 support and preferably webkit based
Headless mode capable (no visible browser), more speed it better
Zero install (something like browser.exe and a c# wrapper

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what is the best c++ wrapper to webkit ? for staticlly linking (not QWebkit)
Category : C & C++ & C#

i need to statically embed web browser in c++ , webkit is good idea , is there any easy c++
wrapper around this kit , i know the Qt version but i can only dynamically link it and its no good for me.

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how to remove the margin below a textarea inside a div wrapper (webkit)
Category : Web Design
<!DOCTYPE html>
<div style="background-color:#f09;">


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Is there a Firefox equivalent for WebKit's css zoom property?
Category : Web Design

I built a progress bar in CSS that looks nice and better yet scales nicely in WebKit:


I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to do the equivalent thing in Firefox:

scales the height, shadow / shading positions
keeps the width the sa

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Qt WebKit zoom - why works on maemo and not on symbian^3 ?
Category : Mobile Programming
I am testing the same application, same user agent, same web site (mail.google.com using iphone user agent) on a C7 (using Qt4.6 and Qt4.7) and on an n900.
On maemo everything works fine when changing the zoom (QWebView::setZoomFactor):

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webkit zoom bug scaling issue with font size, doesn't seem to get smaller
Category : Development Tools & Services

i have an issue with webkit browsers safari and chrome. when i zoom out, i have a line of text set at 41px, and another font set at about 12px. when i zoom out to around 33% and 25%, the font set at 12px doesn't get smaller. in fact it is almost the same size as the 41 px text, so because of this

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Affect a function of -webkit-transform in a -webkit-animation without affecting other -webkit-transform functions applied to the target element?
Category : Web Design

I want to animate the -webkit-transform: rotateX() of elements while allowing the elements to keep their -webkit-transform: rotate() property intact. Consider the following code:

@-webkit-keyframes anim {
from { -webkit-transform: rotateX(0); }
to { -webkit-transf

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