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Hi this is sunny,
i have a form with 5 text boxes and 5 labels.
now i want to zoom in and zoom out the form.
actually i have no idea.
please tell me the solutions.

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Zoom in Zoom Out the Form
VB & VBnet

Hi this is sunny,
i have a form with 5 text boxes and 5 labels.
now i want to zoom in and zoom out the form.
actually i have no idea.
please tell me the solutions.

[ubuntu] Using 3rd mouse button to zoom and scroll wheel to zoom in and out
VB & VBnet
I think this is the only thing I miss from M$ at this point. My mouse came with some software called inellipoint. It allowed me to click on the 3rd mouse button (side of the mouse used my thumb) and pull up a magnifier. Then holding it you could resize the magnifier window and using the schroll wheel you could zoom in and out. Does anyone use a similar utility in Ubuntu and do they like?
Google Maps API v3 - canvas/image zoom instead of proper map zoom
VB & VBnet

I finally made exactly what I want, but with "minor bug" I cant locate.

This code sets initialized viewport as strictBounds with smooth drag along edges (thanks to SO tip). There is custom zoom-in and controled zoom-out directed to default(means center of the map at minZoom) position.

Graphic issue occurs when cursor position on map doesn't change and I do mouse scroll-in + mouse-out twice in a row. Instead of map zoom, there is "bugged" image/canvas zoom - double size of markers and enlarged map canvas bellow - all ofcourse blurred/rasterized. Once I move with cursor, it redraws and shows properly. Any idea whats wrong? Thanks!

            var newLat, newLng,allowedBounds=0,boundLimits,
            google.maps.event.addListener(map, 'bounds_changed',
function() {
                if (allowedBounds==0) {
                    allowedBounds = map.getBounds();
                    /*protoze zobrazovane okno je male, rozsireni
oblasti pro infowindow - pri lepsim zoomu byt nemusi*/
                    boundLimits = {
                        maxLat : allowedBounds.getNorthEast().lat(),
                        maxLng : allowedBounds.getNorthEast().lng(),
                        minLat : allowedBounds.getSouthWest().lat(),
                        minLng : allowedBounds.getSouthWest().lng()
                    lastValidCenter = map.getCenter();
                    baseCenter = map.getCenter();
                var center = map.getCenter();
                var zoom = map.getZoom();
                newLat = lastValidCenter.lat();
                newLng = lastValidCenter.lng();
                var a = map.getBounds().getNorthEast();
                var b = map.getBounds().getSouthWest();
lastValidCenter = center;             
                else {
                    if(b.lng() > boundLimits.minLng &&
a.lng() < boundLimits.maxLng) newLng = center.lng();
                    if(b.lat() > boundLimits.minLat &&
a.lat() < boundLimits.maxLat) newLat = center.lat();
                if (zoom<lastZoom) {
                    var scale=zoom-(baseZoom-1);
                    if (newLng>baseCenter.lng())
                    if (newLng<baseCenter.lng())
                    if (newLat>baseCenter.lat())
                    if (newLat<baseCenter.lat())
                    map.panTo(new google.maps.LatLng(newLat, newLng));

Rules of html and css ZOOM-IN, ZOOM-OUT.Prevent the collapse
VB & VBnet

hy...I'm building some website and when I zoom-in or zoom-out(especially when I zoom-out) my website collapse. Does anyone know some tutorial or notes about these rule where they explain that? If you do please paste a link =)

thank you, and sory for my English

Greetings, from Slovenia!

How can I get Zoom in and zoom out as well as scroll option for an imageview in android?
VB & VBnet

I am not able to have zoom in zoom out and scroll effect for my image view in android. have tried using different options available, but either it just gets zoom or either get just a scroll for it but not both.

how to set the radius for google map when zoom out or zoom in
VB & VBnet

How to set the radius for google map when zoom in and zoom out the mouse. I am using javascript code with google APi. can anyone please help me to clear this thing that how to set the radius and other thing is that I have to make a radius filed into the database table same as latitude and longitude??? this is my java script code..........

google.maps.event.addListener(map, 'zoom_changed',
function(e)  {

var position = [];position.push(map.getCenter().lat());

    var ne = map.getBounds().getNorthEast(); 
    var sw = map.getBounds().getSouthWest(); 

var pos = [];



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