Zoostorm 7877-0196 with i7 - 2600 chip

can I fit one and where does it go?
newbie needs help!

Argos have been offering this NetBookpre-loaded with Windows 7
starter for
Windows XP & 7 & 8
First time on the forum, hope someone can help?
daughter's fairly new zoostorm network has started to play up. All has
been fine until she turned it on this morning and we now get the
windows boot manager up. It says it failed to start. It tells me to
install the windows disc in to repair but these netbooks don't come
with a windows disc?
Underneath it says:
File: ootcd />status: 0xc000000f
info: an error occurred while attempting to
read the boot configuration
If you turn it off to restart it
comes up with just F2 or F12, both of which go back to the message
above. I thought you were supposed to be able to press F8 and at least
do a res
Windows XP & 7 & 8
Need help finding drivers
hi guys sorry if am posting this in
the wrong section,please move if so.
now i have re formatted my
mums zoostorm 10-270 netbook freedom,which come with windows 7 starter
yes i know the netbook wasnt the best thing to have but
it was all she really needed it to surf about and other little bits
and bobs.
i have now been searching the net for the most up to
date drivers for this netbook,and failing badly .
i have even
tried using programs like driver genius and a few more which yet
again drivers seem to be all out dated,am in real need for these,has
my mums been on the blower {phone} to me and
Windows XP & 7 & 8

can I fit one and where does it go?
newbie needs help!

Ebuyer are doing a Zoostorm Laptop with Intel Pentium Dual Core B960
Graphics are Intel HD
Anyone know if this is
compatible with Ubuntu?
(I've done
a search and trawled through a lot of the 'sticky' compatibility
thread but it is now too long. Perhaps it needs a simple list at the
beginning :) )
Cheers and TIA
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