Zoostorm 7877-0196 with i7 - 2600 chip

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can I fit one and where does it go?
newbie needs help! thanks

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Zoostorm 7877-0196 with i7 - 2600 chip
by kraszie in Hardware

can I fit one and where does it go?
newbie needs help! thanks

Help! My xp 2600+ chip only registers as 1.15ghz!!!
by fayoh in Hardware
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Hi all,
I got a new xp 2600+ chip for my K7S5A mobo. First up I did a bios upgrade
to 02/08/09 from here:
Bios upgrade worked fine but after I installed my chi
Mobile XP 2600 GREAT CHIP!
by got_bainne in Hardware
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If anybody is lookin to upgrade I think the Mobile XP 2600 is the way to go!
I bought one for $100 from NewEgg and an ABIT NF7-S board refurb for $56 (It
came with everything the retail package comes with)<
Miễn phí đăng ký tên miền .VN
9/12/2014 1:07 pm by Erenhardt in Hardware
Miễn phí đăng ký tên miền .VN khi đăng ký gói Combo:

01 tên miền .VN + hosting S100 (Dung lượng 1GB, Băng thông 25GB, 40 email POP3/IMAP, v.v...)

Từ nay đến hết tháng 12 năm 2014<
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Zoostorm CPU cooling
by gamefreakgcb in Hardware
I currently have a zoostorm pc and within the next week will be upgrading the psu to a Corsair cx430 and graphics card to a Sapphire hd 7770. My cpu is a sandy bridge i5, I've set it's max power state to 90%tdp (85.5W)
80mm Case fan worth getting?
My problem is that at the moment the case
Zoostorm 10-270 netbook freedom
by Soapy Bones in Hardware
Need help finding drivers
hi guys sorry if am posting this in the wrong section,please move if so.
now i have re formatted my mums zoostorm 10-270 netbook freedom,which come with windows 7 starter edition.
yes i know the netbook wasnt the best thing to have but it was all she real
Zoostorm FreedomXL 10.2" NetBook
by DexNFx in Hardware

Argos have been offering this NetBookpre-loaded with Windows 7 starter for
Getting wifi working on Zoostorm Freedom XL
by Tone in Hardware
Evening all,
I've recently invested in a new netbook, a Zoostorm Freedom XL and decided to install the Ubunto Netbook Remix alongside the Windows 7 starter edition which comes preinstalled.
Everything went amazingly smoothly, and I now have a 99% working system - the only issue is the wire
[ubuntu] Zoostorm Laptop -compatible?
by walkur in Hardware
Ebuyer are doing a Zoostorm Laptop with Intel Pentium Dual Core B960 2.2GHz.
Graphics are Intel HD
Anyone know if this is compatible with Ubuntu?
Link: http://www.ebuyer.com/363468-zoostorm-laptop-7873-9033
(I've done a search and trawled through a lot of the 'sticky' compatibil
Zoostorm laptop wireless LAN not working
by jfraser in Hardware
I bought the following laptop (sorry no model as I have no idea myself):
Wireless LAN is not working at all. The hotkey seems to work (Fn+F11) but will not allow wifi to turn on because it does not recognise it as installed. TAGS: Zoostorm laptop wireless working
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