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hello i am having problems installing my zte broadband in ubuntu 12.04 or even fedora 17. can anybody help out.

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Problems with Adobe flashplayer using crcket broadband. Other broadband connections work fine.
by bash in Hardware
Adobe keeps closing to "protect my computer". Some times reloading helps for a short while. Re-installing flashplayer also helps but again does not last. Not a problem with other connections.
Starhub Fiber Broadband+Cable+Mobile Broadband Promo?
by ZsA in Hardware
Starhub Fiber Broadband+Cable+Mobile Broadband Promo?
as title says
Starhub Fiber Broadband+Cable+Mobile Broadband Promo?
was planning to renew contract is there any? comes with free laptop ?

Singtel: 10Mbps ADSL Broadband or 150Mbps Fibre BroadBand?
by CodeAndLearn in Hardware
Singtel: 10Mbps ADSL Broadband or 150Mbps Fibre BroadBand?
I genuinely need some help here. Currently I'm on 3Mbps ADSL broadband. I'm stuck with these 2 choices:
How to Change a Wired Broadband Computer to a Wireless Broadband
by Platinumjsi in Hardware
When changing a wired broadband computer to a wireless broadband computer, you'll need to invest in a couple of pieces of new equipment, depending on your current configuration. If you currently own a wireless broadband router and have your cable modem inserted via the WAN port, you'll need to deter
Mobile Broadband Vs. Fixed Broadband
by Dré in Hardware
The ability to get online has become a necessity to many. There are now many options in Internet service. For those who travel a lot, mobile broadband is an option to consider instead of---or as an addition to---fixed broadband. EquipmentMobile broadband requires a card for your laptop computer.
Broadband adapter for DC to use with AOL broadband connect..
by cyclohexane in Hardware
Archived from groups: alt.games.video.sega-dreamcast (More info?)
Does anyone know where to get a Dreamcast broadband adapter from for a
reasonable price? Also, will it work with AOL broadband?
I am based in the UK.
ADSL Broadband or Fibre Broadband
by Fezlakk in Hardware
ADSL Broadband or Fibre Broadband
Hi guys, need your professional advices to choose ADSL or fibre.
My case is that the fibre is ready in our block but ex-owner missed the installation deadline of TP device in house. We need pay extra S$235.4 to OpenNet for another app
Split cable broadband and dual cable broadband comparison
by weenerdog in Hardware
comparison between split broad band cable and dual broad band cable
In the UK? How much is your broadband?
by snapshooter in Hardware
I'm moving house next month so I'm scooting around for ADSL broadband at my new address. I've been with a few providers in the UK in the past but they don't seem to offer as good prices as they did a while back.
I'm just digging for reccomendations for some of the less heard of ones really A
BT Broadband !! $ !!
by ajjaeger in Hardware
It looks like BT are forcing us all to move to broadband. I use to have BT evenings and weekends, 10 pound per month. It then went up to 12 pound per month.
I then needed it during the day and paid 15 per month, then it went up to 16 pound per month. Now, BT have cut the number of hours in half
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