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hello i am having problems installing my zte broadband in ubuntu 12.04 or even fedora 17. can anybody help out.

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zte broadband

hello i am having problems installing my zte broadband in ubuntu 12.04 or even fedora 17. can anybody help out.

ZTE MF112 (3 Mobile Broadband) mounting as a CD
Hi all,
I bought the MF112 mobile broadband dongle from 3 and I'm pleased to say it worked pretty much straight out of the box!
The only problem, well minor annoyance, is that as described here..
.. it detects as a CD drive which must be ejected before you can use it as a modem.
When running Windows it does the same, and autorun kicks in to install the 3 software, so it's clearly down to the on-board storage.
My question is this.. is there any way to stop it detecting as a CD drive?
My experience so far with Ubuntu tells me pretty much anything is possib
Reliance Netconnet Broadband+ ZTE
Reliance Netconnet Broadband+ ZTE does not work out-of-the-box with Ubuntu 9.10. I haven't yet upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04 (iso download is at 46% :redface:). Does it work out-of-the-box or is there some packages that need to be installed? (I have a dual-boot laptop Ubuntu/Windows 7)
[ubuntu] Mobiles Broadband CDMA ZTE
Hi all,
i'm using Ubuntu since a week. It was functioning really good with all hardware.
But suddenly my Mobiles Broadband got disconnected. I tried to unplugged the usb dongle (CDMA) and plug it again. It got connected again but only for a few seconds and suddenly disconnected .. so all the time.
I could get a IP adress, remote ip, and dns but can not get to the internet.
even if could sometimes. It won't last more then 2 minutes
i looked at the messages.log
--pppd[3165] : LCP terminated by peer
--pppd[3165] : Connection Terminated
--pppd[3165] : Terminating on signal 15
--pppd[3165] : modem hangup
--pppd[3165] : Exit
and fro
ZTE MF112 - broadband has stopped working
So... 21 days ago, my wireless broadband was working just fine. Then I went to Budapest and borrowed myself a second dongle to use there. I remember I had to play around with usb_modeswitch-data and installed betavine to make it work...
Now I'm back home again and it seems my old dongle no longer works, so I no longer have access anymore.
I have tried:
- reinstalling usb-modeswitch and usb-modeswitch-data
- reinstalling wvdial
- updating /etc/udev/rules.d/40-ttyUSB.rules to add:
KERNEL=="ttyUSB1", ATTRS{idVendor}=="19d2", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0031", NAME="ttyUSB0"
[ubuntu] ZTE MF668A Mobile Broadband?
I have a problem getting mobile broadband service to start on this device.
There is heaps of help on this forum on this matter but it all appears very techo' and doesn't make sense to me :(
I'm TOTALLY new to Ubuntu after so, so, long on Windows (upon which I'm reasonably proficient).
I have an unlocked (originally Telstra) ZTE MF668A that currently has an Amaysim SIM card in it which is on the optus network. This USB was unlocked on a Windows 7 laptop and works just fine on that.
When I plug it in to this Ubuntu 10.04 laptop the system detects it - i.e. it shows up in Computer file browser as "ZTE MMC Storage", but I cannot open it from there.

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