Modifying an item in a WPF sorted ListView doesn't change the sort position of that item

I have a sortable listview that gets filled with a live data as it comes. Sorting works perfectly but the real problem arises when an item is modified after being added to the collection. The position of modified item does not change no matter what the sort orders is.

I have googled it but couldn't find a better solution to make my listview a perfect sorted listview.


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How to improve compare of item in sorted List<MyItem> with item before and after current item?
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Does anyone know about a good way to accomplish this task?

Currently i'm doing it more ore less this way, but i'm feeling someway unhappy with this code, unable to say what i could immediately improve.

So if anyone has a smarter way of doing this job i would be happy to kn

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ListView selection change doesn't remove an old item
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I have a strange behavior with my WPF ListView Control.
ListViews ItemSource is Observable collection.the ItemSource is updated periodically.
When I'm selecting one of the item and then selecting other item and no item updated, everything is OK.
But when I'm selecting an item witch is u

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How to change the textview color of item listview when that item is on click?
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I have a ListView and each item have a TextView.

I would like change the item TextView color, for example, when user click in that item.

any ideas, examples or tutorials?


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Android - ListView Item Change Height of Item
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I have a Custom ListView that has some TextView & a Button, The default height of ListView Item View is 100dp but on button click I want to increase the height of that specific Row Item to the e.g. 500dp. The problem is I can increase the height of row but it doesn't increase the height of Li

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select first item in a sorted listview
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If I have an unsorted listview I know I can select the first Item by
ListView.Items[0].Selected = true. How do I select the first item in a sorted
Apr 2 07 #

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How to change the item of the selected item in listview
Category : Programming Languages

Does anyone knows how to change the item of the selected record let say column 3 of the selected item?

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Change Listview item item textcolor
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Hi I am using listview which have multiple items adding dynamically..
I want to change the text color of listitem any idea

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<LinearLayout xmlns:android=""

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Sorted ListView and selecting topmost item
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I have a listview that I am sorting myself.
I want to select and highlight the topmost item in the listview after it has been sorted. I am sorting dates and they do display sorted correctly.
The code below does not seem to work correctly for some reason. It appears to just highlight the

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Trying to sort an array alphabetically, but the first item isn't getting sorted
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My.Resources.MyList is a text file that contains a list of items, each item on a separate line. For example...


I am trying to sort that list into an array, and then output the results alphabetically into a listbox

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index of newly added item in sorted listview
Category : VB & VBnet
I need to find the index number of the item last added to a listview.
I can use listcount, except if the user clicks on the column header
and sorts the list, then the next item added could be listed in the
middle of the items already in the list. So .ListCount would not work

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