Node expand box is not visible in Internet explorer and Chrome but is visible in firefox

Category : Web Design

I have a radtreeview in item template of a radcombobox. The parent node is visible but its expand box is not in chrome and IE but its visible in firefox.

Am i missing something or what can i do to fix this issue.

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Make Parent Node Non-Visible if All Children are Non-Visible
Category : Programming Languages
I have a scenario where I have a TreeView and for some users a parent node and its children will all be visible, and for others, no children are visible and therefore the parent should not be visible. How can I make the second scenario possible? I tried this, where LVar, PVar, and CVar are the chi

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How do I get the URL of the visible tab in Firefox/IE/Chrome?
Category : Programming Languages

No, this is not a send me teh codez request.

I am writing a small utility for my own amusement. In this regard, I need the utility to read the URL from the visible/active tab on any of the three browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome) that are currently open, and then go off and do something w

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Changed SVG-File not visible in Chrome and Safari but in IE and FireFox
Category : Programming Languages

I have a great problem with displaying SVG-Files in Chrome and Safari.

My simple example is a html-file with 2 buttons.

Onload you see an empty SVG-file (empty.svg).

pressed "Data" you see the SVG-file "svg_data.svg" with a blue rectangle
click on th

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ImageButton tooltips are not visible in Firefox, Chrome, Safari
Category : ASP &

 Is there a fix to resolve this (apart from having my users not use those browsers)?  I have many people compaining about the tooltips not showing up for ImageButtons.  It could be resolved if the tooltip was rendered differently.


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standard dropdown arrow visible in firefox but not in chrome
Category : Web Design

i got the follow custom dropdown

which works like a charm in chrome but in firefox i get this:

is there any possibility to hide that dropdown arrow in firefox?

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Images on server visible in Firefox/Chrome/Opera but not IE
Category : Web Design

I'm developing a website and certain images will not display when returned to IE browser. It will not display both within the returned html page it is contained in and when you link directly to the image. Here is the page the image is contained in:

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Always visible and Internet Explorer
Category : ASP &

I've got an AlwaysVisible extender attached to a div on my page. In FireFox, in stays put when I scroll (I mean it never moves so much as a pixel). In IE, when I scroll, it takes a bit to move back to position. Is that the expected behaviour?



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Inline SVG with transforms not visible in Firefox, works fine in Chrome
Category : Programming Languages

I have this code in a PHP script, being served up from Apache.

header('Content-type: application/xhtml+xml');
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns="">
<title>SVG in text/html</title>

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ListBox inside TableCell is not visible on IE8, ok on FireFox, Chrome and Safari!
Category : ASP &

Hopefully there is something really simple I'm overlooking. This is a simple ASP.Net form&nbsp;using VS2005. I want 2 list boxes with a set of buttons between them. I use a table to lay them out. The following works, but the listboxes and button sizes aren't set:


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Node.js WebServer on Ubuntu 12.04 not visible externally from the Internet (ext IP)
Category : Ubuntu
Router: IP:
Host OS: Windows 7(64 bit) - IP:
Guest OS(VMware): Ubuntu 12.04 LTS(64 bit) - IP:
Guest OS has a NAT and a bridged connection via VMWare.
I'm running a basic Node.js server/website listening on port 8000.
Port forwar

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