How to add Order print for magento admin? Magento>sales>orders>orderprint

I need to know a way of adding print order feature to magento

I know that this post are similar than others posted here in
Stackoverflow, but really, I tried the solutions given and don't works
for me.

I'm following this tutorial:
At the end of step 2, I should see my field on Admin=>Sales=>Order but
I can't see nothing.

In sales_flat_quote_payment i can see
the "telefono_no" field, and in sales_flat_order_payment too. When I
buy something, Magento save the phone data (telefono_no) in database.
Anyway, my mysql4-install-0.1.0.php is:

$install =
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I noticed an issue recently and determined that this seems to be a
problem in the core code. I have the store configured to not
allow backorders (System->Configuration->Inventory). As a test, I set
1 product to have a inventory quantity of 1. On the frontend, I
attempted to add 2 of this product to the cart. I got an error that
said the quantity is not available. I also tried adding 1 to the cart
and then updating the cart to 2. This resulted in a similar error, so
the frontend seems to be working fine.

I tried the same
from the Admin panel. I created a new order for a customer and
attempted to add 2 of this product to the cart. It worked with no

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I am trying to create a link from my helpdesk software to the sales
order page in the backend of magento.

Magento constructs
the url as the example below where the number represents the Order




However, the Order Id does not equal the Order Number because
credit invoices etc. are included in the count.

Is there
an other way for me to link to the order page using the Order


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I want to add a button when an order is viewed from the
magento admin panel.Actually i have done by hard-coding
file. the button added is got reflected in the admin when the order is
viewed. But the thing known to us is the core magento
files cannot be modified.

So what i did is i have moved
the html code for the button into another mybutton.phtml
file and i wanted to display before the
in the sales.xml file in the <
adminhtml_sales_order_view >

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I need to know a way of adding print order feature to magento

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How can i display product thumbnail in Sales/Orders admin grid? I
have tried below code,the column is added,but it is not displaying the
product thumbnail in column.

if (
$this->colIsVisible( 'thumbnail' ) ) {
/>$this->addColumn( 'thumbnail', />array(
'header' => Mage::helper(
'catalog' )->__( 'Thumbnail' ),

'type' =>

'width' => $imgWidth, />'index' => 'thumbnail'
) ); />}

Can anybody please help me out???

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