how to highlight a selected item from a repeater while clicking on that item that is navigating to other page there the item should highlighted

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In a visual web part i am using a repeater control and the items are pages while clicking on that item that will navigates to another page in that page also i am placing the same web part. Now my requirement is while navigating to the page the selected page item should be highlighted. I implement the below code, so please suggest what to add this.

Thanks in advance.

ascx code:

<asp:Repeater ID="rptrPages" runat="server">
<asp:LinkButton ID="lbtnUrl" PostBackUrl='<%# Eval("url")%>' Tex

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In a combobox, how do I determine the highlighted item (not selected item)?

First, fair warning: I am a complete newbie with C# and WPF.

I have a combobox (editable, searchable) and I would like to be able to intercept the Delete key and remove the currently highlighted item from the list. The behavior I'm looking for is like that of MS Outlook when entering in email addresses. When you give a few characters, a dropdown list of potential matches is displayed. If you move to one of these (with the arrow keys) and hit Delete, that entry is permanently removed. I want to do that with an entry in the combobox.

Here is the XAML (simplified):

<ComboBox x:Name="Directory"
How to highlight parent item when child item is selected

I'm very new to javascript and jQuery and I can't seem to figure this out on my own.

This code was in a blank wordpress "starter" template and can be seen here:

(note: I added those obnoxious colors to contrast the white background. They aren't the colors on the site!)

I'm having trouble figuring out these 2 things:

Make it so the background of the parent items stay blue when the cursor moves to a child item below them.

When someone clicks on a child item and goes to that page, the parent item text stays highlighted to indicate which section of the site the u

How to open list item by clicking on item row (instead of selecting item)?

How to open list item (or folder) when user click on item row (not on linktitlenomenu column)?
By default sharepoint select this item and I need select items by clicking on checkbox only and open item otherwise.
I see many different jQuery scripts, but I find only how to get link on item with jQuery:

$(document).ready(function () {
function () {
var a = $(this).find("td div[Field=LinkFilename] a")

But I dont't know how to paste this url in row onclick handler.

suckerfish top level item stay highlighted when sub menu item selected

i have set up a suckerfish drop down menu on a joomla site but i can't find a way to keep the top level menu item selected (in this case to turn red and stay red) - after you select a sub menu item.

hovering the top level item is fine and it remains the hovered colour whilst you are mousing over the sub menu - however as soon as you click the sub menu item then the top level item reverts back to the original colour.

this means that visitors won't necessarily know which section of the website they are on.

so any help would be GREAT! thanks.

my current css is:

#mainlevelmainnav, #mainleve
When using the keyboard to change the selected item in the HTML select dropdown, the item shows the previous selected item on Chrome

When using the keyboard to change the selected item in the HTML select drop-down, the item shows the previous selected item on Chrome.

When ever I select any item using keyboard shortcuts(For instance for item AS, I press A), the items get selected and shows in the select box but when I move out of the select box, the selected item changes to previously selected one. This is happening only on Chrome. I'm using Chrome version 22. Can anyone please help me if there is any solution to overcome this or is this is a known issue. I tried with keypress, keyup, keydown events to trigger the change event, but nothing worked.

[kubuntu] Highlighted menu item is dark blue...can't read selected item!
I don't know where I can change the color of a highlighted item in a menu...right now it uses a dark blue which makes the items in black text unreadable! :(
This is not an issue in Dolphin or any of Kubuntu's menus!
So far I see it in apps like RhythmBox, pidgin, firefox.
Here is a screenshot attached!
ListView, clicking on one item, all item selected

I try to implement a efficient listViewAdapter in this way:

if (itemView == null) {  

  itemView = mInflater.inflate(R.layout.item, null);
  holder = new ViewHolder();
  holder.background =


  holder = (ViewHolder) itemView.getTag();


Items in listView are similar to:

public class MyItem {
    boolean isRed;

I have a selector for background like this (this selector is setted in android:background, in the XML R.layout.item), named selector.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

  <item android:state_pressed="false"
android:drawable="@drawable/background_pressed" />

  <item android:drawable="@drawable/background_no_pressed" />


In the listViewAdapter, I have:

If (myItem.getIsRed())

My problem: Background red is shown in item.getIsRed()==true and scrolling in other items. Then I have to add to the conditional:

If (myItem.getIsRed()){

But adding this, the behavior changes, because now, when I click on one item, the rest are shown selected too (with background=@drawable/background_pressed)

I only fix this changing the listViewAdapter removing the conditional if (itemView == null ), but I think that this is not efficient.

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